Due to the nature of COVID-19, in association with both State and Federal efforts to minimize any transmission among society, the Hancock County Courthouse will exercise the following precautions:

  • Individual department office doors will be locked and restricted from public access.  There are notices on each door indicating contact information for those citizens looking for services.
  • The front door, State Street granite main entrance, will be unlocked  to allow for package drop-off only.  There is a box just inside the door for any documents that need to be submitted to a County office.  The doors beyond this will remain locked, limiting direct access to offices.
  • The public can access the Courts through the parking garage entrance.

If any of these situations change, an update will be provided.  Our hope over the next several days is to maintain County services to the public while making the best effort at minimizing risks to employees.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact  County Administrator Scott Adkins, at 207-667-9542 ext 212.