Commissioners Regular Meeting

Commissioner Shea called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, January 9, 2007in the conference room at the County Courthouse in Ellsworth with Commissioners Brown and Lawson in attendance.

Adjustments to the Agenda:

MOTION: move to add a discussion regarding purchase of a CAD and a discussion regarding unemployment compensation. (Shea/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

The Spillman quote to purchase a CAD system was approximately $133,000.00 over a 5-year lease.  The server was included and purchased in 2006.  Sheriff Clark stated that the intent was that the first lease payment would be paid out of the 2007 budget item.  Director Dunno felt that there has been some confusion in this area.  Commissioner Shea stated that this would be an internal accounting procedure.

  • Treasurer Crowley stated the server would be paid for out of 2007 funds.
  • Director Dunno stated clarification is needed as to whether the server should be removed from the $133,000.00 original price.  Sheriff Clark stated the price we have already paid for the server should be considered our 2007 payment.
  • Treasurer Crowley stated the lease purchase adds to the price, but if we borrow from ourselves we will pay less.  The server was paid for out of the Sheriff’s Office Technology reserve in 2006.  This can be changed to reflect payment as a 2007 payable. 
  • Commissioner Shea stated the original quote from Spillman was $133,995.00, the City of Ellsworth has paid $6,287.60 and the County paid $18,800.62 for the Server.
  • Commissioner Lawson felt the better idea was to borrow the money from ourselves and pay it back over time.  Treasurer Crowley stated we have sufficient funds to fund it internally, but needed direction as to how to set it up.
  • Commissioner Brown questioned who the server belonged to.  It is the property of the Sheriff’s Department.
  • Sheriff Clark stated the server was included in the Spillman quote along with the CAD system, it was his impression that as it was included it would be paid for by the RCC.
  • The users share maintenance cost for the Spillman System.  The Sheriff’s Department and the Jail and RCC pay according to use and the City of Ellsworth provides technical service support.
  • Treasurer Crowley suggested purchasing the CAD with funds from the Courthouse Technology Reserve that was initially created for major purchases such as the Administrative Network and Telephone System.  She suggested funding the CAD from this reserve account and then reimburse it over a number of years.  Commissioner Lawson agreed.
  • Treasurer Crowley stated the Sheriff’s Office Technology Reserve was started to fund relatively small computer purchases under the Sheriff’s jurisdiction.  The Courthouse Technology Reserve was started to fund large projects throughout the courthousecomplex.
  • Commissioner Shea stated the Spillman monthly payment would be $26,799.00 per year, the interest rate quoted was 6.362%, making the payment to include interest $31,279.79per yearover a 5year period.  The total amount to be paid with interest would be $156,398.95.  The County would fund approximately $90,000.00.  By borrowing from ourselves, we would be paying 1.5% in interest.  $127,133.00 is the balance to pay off.
  • Commissioner Shea stated the issue is; does Hancock County want to purchase a CAD?  A group of parties from the County and the City of Ellsworth met last night to discuss the issue.  Commissioner Shea reported the City of Ellsworth is willing to provide dispatch backup during the shift in which the County has one dispatcher on duty.  That dispatcher could be on an EMD call and could transfer additional calls received to the City of Ellsworth.
  • Commissioner Shea stated the State is requiring that PSAP’s provide EMD and if we do not have the City of Ellsworth to provide backup services we should be adding another dispatcher, as a dispatcher could be tied up for several minutes during an EMD call.  It makes financial sense to purchase the CAD to solve the issue and enhance the RCC to provide EMD services to all users.
  • A Spillman system has been recommended by the City of Ellsworth as well as Hancock County.

MOTION: move to approve the purchase of a CAD system and to self fund the purchase.  (Brown/Shea 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Brown understood that the County has appropriated $25,000.00 to a fund in FY07.  Funds have been paid out of Sheriff’s Department Technology fund that presently has a zero balance.  Commissioner Shea stated that this will be handled later today and necessary adjustments will be made at that time.  The amount needed to fund the CAD is approximately $102,000.00.

Commissioner Lawson suggested that the Sheriff and Director Dunno advise the Spillman Corporation to load the CAD to the server.  The Sheriff reported that Spillman Corp has already added the CAD software to the server.

MOTION: move to add item 7F, review of a purchase proposal for a used pickup. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion)

Employee Recognition Presentation
The Commissioners recognized employees from the District Attorney’s Office, Registry of Deeds and the Registry of Probate who have a significant amount of longevity with Hancock County.

9:10 a.m.: Deferred Sentencing Update
Dr. Dimond reported that the Deferred Sentencing Project has raised over $250,000.00, has had 5 clients who have graduated, currently have 15 active clients and the support of 3 different mental health agency’s currently participating in the program.

  • Long term funding has not been applied for in 2006, the Bureau of Drug Assistance currently has a grant available, the program will apply as a County program so the funds come directly to the county.  Dr. Dimond will come to the commissioners with a grant application for commissioner approval.  Drug Court implementation grant.  Funded currently through December 2007.  Federal multi year grants are for 24 months, bill from legislature to open a new site for drug treatment, office of substance abuse has put in for a grant in the City of Ellsworth.  They will request an appearance before the BAC in the fall to fund the continuation of the program.  We can not continue to fund this program with soft money.  We need to ensure clients that the program is on solid funding.  He is very hopeful that we are going to get the federal grant.  Will be back in September to let us knowif we have received the grant.  We are not pursuing personal funding at this time.  Only one client has failed the program.  All of our performance measures have either met or exceed our expectations.  Commissioner Lawson has sat on the steering committee since it’s inception and all successes for the program is due to Dr. Dimond.  The State Drug Court recognized Dr. Dimond as person of the year for the Adult Drug treatment court.  There would be no program with out the team work of the Commissioners and the Sheriff.  Commissioner Shea suggested the Ellsworth American do a story on the Drug Court as they need to get their message out to the public.  The grant application will be voted on formally at the February meeting.

Commission Business:

1:00 p.m.: Tax Abatement Hearing Jacobs v. Town of Brooksville

1.  Commissioners:

  • Appoint: Commission Chair

MOTION: move to appoint Kenneth R. Shea as Chairman of the Hancock County Commission. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

  • Vote: to pay travel expenses for Commissioners living over 5 miles from County Seat

MOTION: move to pay travel expenses for Commissioners living over 5 miles from the County Seat. (Brown/Shea 3-0, motion passed)

  • Set: mileage rate for FY2007

MOTION: move to set the FY2007 mileage rate at .38 cents per mile leave the rate for the UT Supervisor at .40 cents per mile. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

  • Authorization of Chair to sign warrants

MOTION: move to authorize the Chairman to sign warrants. (Lawson/ Brown 3-0, motion passed)

  • Authorization for the Treasurer to issue checks up to $1,000.00 and Deputy Treasurer to issue checks up to $500.00.

Commissioner Brown questioned if a PO System would be in place with the TRIO System.

MOTION: move to authorize the Treasurer to issued checks up to $1,000.00 and the Deputy Treasurer to issue checks up to $500.00. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

  • Appoint a Commissioner to the MCCA Board of Directors and Risk Pool.

MOTION: move to appoint Commissioner Shea to the MCCA Board of Directors and Risk Pool. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Brown reported that he has asked Representative Kevin Raye to introduce legislation to increase transfer fees in the Registry of Deeds.

  • Appoint: Departmental Liaisons

The following Department/Commissioner liaisons were set.

Commissioner Lawson Commissioner Shea Commissioner Brown
Sheriff’s Office Treasurers Office Emergency Management
RCC/9-1-1 Center Commissioners Office Unorganized Territories
Registry of Probate Jail Registry of Deeds
District Attorney’s Office Airport Courthouse Facilities

  • Set: FY07 Overlay

MOTION: move to set the FY07 Overlay at $100,500.00 (Brown/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

  • Approval: Purchasing Policy

MOTION: move to table this issue until the February meeting. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

  • Discussion: Design Firm Submissions

MOTION: move to recommend Lewis & Malm of Bucksport (Brown/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

  • Approve: Minutes of the December 12th 2006 Commissioners Regular Meeting and December 20th and 26th Special Meetings.

MOTION: move to approve the minutes of the December 12th, 2006 Commissioners Regular Meeting and December 20th and 26th Special Meetings. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

2.  Emergency Management Agency:

a.  Monthly Report
Mr. Pinkham stated there was nothing to add to the monthly report.

  • Commissioner Shea asked if the EMA Department has been involved in the latest meningitis issue.  Director Pinkham reported that the current plan is essentially for an influenza outbreak adding that measures have been taken in the courthouse to include hand sanitizers in every department.

3.  Airport:

a.  Airport Report

Airport Manager Cossette began his presentation by stating it does not look like the airport will attain its 10,000 passenger attainments for 2006 and reported he has been contacting charter operators asking them to report their numbers.  These reports go directly to the FAA and the Airport Manager will not see these numbers until June or July.  We are short 142 passengers from Colgan Air.

  • The situation will not have an impact on the runway over run project.  Any projects related to safety take precedent in receiving federal funds.
  • Entitlement funds help in non-safety issues.  Entitlement funds will drop from 1million dollars to $150,000.00 per year due to the short fall in enplanement numbers.  If enplanement increases over 10,000 next year, entitlement funding will increase.
  • As of late, Colgan Air has not been interested in participating in a PR campaign as the Hancock County/Bar Harbor Airport is one of the smallest markets that they do business with. 
  • Airport Manager Cossette stated we have had a very positive and impressive capital improvements project over the past few years and that requires entitlement funds.  This has worked for BH Airport and we need to do everything to keep our numbers up.
  • All projects on the books right now are safety issue related.
  • Snow removal equipment will need to be expanded over the next 5 years.  This will be purchased with entitlement funds.
  • Peak year enplanement consisted of up to 13,000 passengers.  Airport Manager Cossette reported part of the issue is that the Hancock County/Bar Harbor Airport can not be competitive fare wise with Bangor International Airport.  Commissioner Shea suggested contacting Colgan Air regarding their fares.
  • Marketing is a big issue.  Commissioner Shea suggested drafting a letter asking Mary Finnigan asking her to come to Hancock County or suggested the Commissioners go to Manassas Virginia for a workshop session to try to improve the efficiency of passenger enplanement at the airport.
  • Airport Manager Cossette stated local businesses have been very supportive of the airport.  Our free parking is incentive to fly from Bar Harbor.  It’s a matter of getting the word out, making the airline service competitive regarding fares.

The Airport Certification inspection went very well.  One fault, which was expected, was found in pavement markings.  Credit for maintaining the airport should go to Mr. Gray and Mr. Daily.  A thank you note will be sent to Todd & Richard thanking them for their service and included in their personnel file.  Commissioner Shea stated this is indicative of the work they have done and praised their work ethic.  The Airport Manager and County Clerk will draft an appropriate letter of thanks.

TSA Office Space – The General Services Administration has chosen to abandon the temporary office space available at the airport.

  • Airport Manager Cossette and Commissioner Shea have met with TSA and GSA we have related the County’s interest in working with them in finding a solution to the space problem.
  • Preliminary proposals included adding 1000 to 1200 square feet of office space to the Terminal building.
  • Airport Manager Cossette has sent a letter to GSA asking them to partner with Hancock County on the cost of a $30,000.00 preliminary assessment, engineering and design, for construction purposes.  He stated the airport should not accept the entire responsibility in this risk.
  • Airport Manager Cossette suggested appropriating between $2,000.00 & $3,000.00 for a preliminary scope of work, from each party.  At the end of the preliminary assessment either party will have the right to back out of the agreement.
  • A general services administration grant has been requested for ½ of the cost of the project.  Mr. Cossette added, we are risking approximately $15,000.00 in this portion of the agreement.  He would like to have an “iron clad” contract with GSA covering a minimum of 10 years in place before agreeing to the project.  Commissioner Shea had no issue with a 5-year lease with a higher annual cost.
  • Mr. Cossette requested guidance as to whether to continue or drop the project.  Commissioner Shea stated having the TSA people in the building will facilitate enplanement.  At the end of 10 years we will have the structure as well.  He felt it was an excellent arrangement for both parties.
  • Airport Manager Cossette stated he would not tolerate foot dragging by TSA/GSA on this project.  He will advise them that they have 10 days for him to start the design firm hiring process.  He also suggesting attaching this phase to the already existing request for architects and engineers for the Courthouse/Andrew Peters project.
  • Commissioner Shea stated this would make a lot of sense efficiency wise and stated a full-time clerk of the works will not be necessary.
  • As a final note, the Commissioners will have three or four more opportunities to approve this project.  The Commissioners had no objection for Commissioner Shea and Airport Manager Cossette to continue in their pursuit of the project.
  • Commissioner Lawson hoped the T-hanger project would not be disregarded.
  • Executive Session: Department Head Evaluation

MOTION: move to go into executive session to perform a Department Head Evaluation. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: move to come out of executive session. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

Recess: 10:30 a.m.
Back in session 10:52 a.m.

4.  Unorganized Territory:

a.  Monthly Report

Mr. Bunker reported that there was a very low level of arsenic and mercury, barely enough to detect, at the former dump site located at the Airline Snack Bar and Lodge.  The volatile and semi-volatile compounds were fine.

  • Commissioner Lawson questioned how the residents were adjusting to taking their trash to the City of Ellsworth.  Mr. Bunker reported that 225 letters have been set to residents noting the change of location and he has not received one phone call, except for those from the Airline Snack Bar and Lodge employees.
  • Mr. Bunker has contacted Dean Preston from Washington County and he is willing to work with Mr. Bunker on a more local solution, but there are no funds for this.
  • Mr. Bunker has contacted LURC regarding the issue.  Commissioner Shea suggested contacting the UT Administrator in Aroostook County for information in how he handles rubbish issues in Aroostook County.
  • Thom Martin has been contacted regarding possible grant funds and USDA loans.  Commissioner Shea stated we could not legally accept these grants.  A CDBG Grant was suggested but Thom Martin has said we could not go that route.
  • Commissioner Lawson questioned Ms. Sheive’s opinion regarding funds for UT.
  • Commissioner Brown suggested opening a transfer station or owning a piece of land with a couple of dumpsters on it.  This would lead to the same problem that the Snack Bar had.
  • Commissioner Brown suggested a place closer to the UT involved location.
  • Commissioner Shea felt it was a case of having Washington County join with Hancock County in a joint cooperative program.
  • Commissioner Lawson stated we have to provide a place to take dump.  We have done that.  Commissioner Brown stated we are all learning to do things differently than 20 years ago.
  • Commissioner Shea asked if permission for burn barrels are still being taken out.  A burn barrel area consists of a 10x10 gravel area kept clear of vegetation and hanging branches and a burn barrel permit would be applied for.
  • Commissioner Brown stated the biggest concern at the Snack Bar in prior years was the dumping of refrigerators, stoves etc.  He did not think the County should ever be involved in a situation like the one at the Airline Snack Bar again.
  • Commissioner Shea requested that Mr. Bunker provide a brief written report to the Commissioners, at least 3 days in advance of the meeting and a copy be given to the Clerk prior to the meeting for inclusion in their books.

5.  RCC 9-1-1

The Commissioners presented David Brady with a 20-year pin in recognition of his service to Hancock County.

  • Monthly Report

Director Dunno presented the Commissioners with Medical Priority Protocol Cards that dispatchers use for EMD calls and explained their purpose.  Automatic updates are generated in a timely manner.

  • 35 people attended a EMD class in Ellsworth.  The State is looking at computerizing the Medical Priority Protocol Cards but the cost is very expensive.  There is a Medical Priority Protocol Card file at each station.  Director Dunno is encouraging her employees to look at these cards during down time in the Center.
  • Commissioner Brown stated this was basically for employees who do not know emergency response procedures.
  • Director Dunno explained that the EMD is controlled by the State EMS Board.  A local committee listens to calls to make sure they are handled correctly and a report is generated to the state by the next month.
  • Hancock County is a Medical Priority PSAP.  The State monitors the program very closely and Director Dunno encourages employees to practice and familiarize themselves with procedures.  These procedures are used everyday. 
  • 12 hours of continuing education are required per year.
  • The state is down to 45 PSAPs.  New Verizon equipment will be installed between April and June.  The new Verizon contract went into effect in October 2006 and expires in 5 years.
  • Commissioner Shea was concerned with the amount of time an EMD call may take.
  • Director Dunno distributed 911 call statistics for 2003 through 2006.  Once the CAD system is in place emergency calls will be broken out from personal/business calls in a report.   The Center has picked up 6 calls from Bar Harbor per day.  The breakout during the last 8 days, the majority of EMD calls were for Bucksport and Deer Isle.
  • Director Dunno explained she is trying to obtain an AED for Hancock County through Hancock County hospitals who received a grant.
  • Accept the resignation of Angeli Alley as a full-time Dispatcher effective December 28, 2006.

MOTION: move to accept the resignation of Angeli Alley as a full-time Dispatcher effective December 28, 2006. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

  • Promotion of John Shoppe of Lamoine to a full-time Dispatcher at a wage of $12.73 per hour, effective January 13, 2007.

MOTION: move to promote John Shoppe of Lamoine to full-time Dispatcher at a wage of $12.73 per hour effective January 13 2007. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

  • Administratively remove the following from the RCC Employment Roster: Jamie Sarna, Angela Cox, Wendy Findlay and Jennifer McAuliffe.

MOTION: move to administratively remove Jamie Sarna, Angela Cox, Wendy Findlay and Jennifer McAuliffe from the RCC employment roster. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Brown asked if there was a large turnover in the RCC Center.  Director Dunno explained there are processes to be followed regarding disciplinary and training.  But the answer was yes; there is a large turn over.  She stated, if you are hired by the State Police, you couldn’t work for another department for 6 months.  Training is very costly; a one-week basic dispatching course is currently being looked at.  Angela Cox is the only person who was fully trained.

Executive Session: Department Head Evaluation

11:37 a.m.

MOTION: move to go into executive session to conduct a Department Head evaluation. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

12:06 p.m.
MOTION: move to come out of executive session. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: move to request a meeting with the RCC Board of Directors for the upcoming year. (Brown/Shea 3-0, motion passed)

6.  Treasurer:

  • Approve:  Monthly Bills and Warrants

MOTION: move to approve Payroll Warrants #06-49, #06-50, #06-51, #06-51A, #06-52A, #06-52B and Warrant #06-52 in the amount of $279,753.43. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

The negative payroll warrant represents the payout of comp time that had to be recalculated.

MOTION: move to approve Expense Warrants #006-025, #006-026, #006-026A, #006-26B and #006-26C in the amount of $1,032,605.83. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: move to approve the UT Warrant #06/07-006 in the amount of $15,295.93. (Brown/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

  • Approve: Reserve Accounts and Transfers for 2006

Treasurer Crowley referenced spreadsheets noting potential carry-forwards from existing accounts and asked if the Commissioners if they would like to continue with these accounts.

  • Commissioner Lawson questioned the combining of some of these accounts.  At the present time, the Treasurer did not recommend combining accounts.  She will suggest deleting the Potential Payroll Cost Reserve after current negotiations have closed.
  • Treasurer Crowley suggested making final decisions on these accounts in the February meeting.  The Treasurer will update the spreadsheet with columns and e-mail it to the Commissioners upon completion.
  • Treasurer Crowley made note of Title 30-A regarding Credit Reserve Accounts.

A Potential Year-end Balance Sheet for 2006 was distributed noting potential uses for funds.

  • The Courthouse Technology reserve will include the replacement of the telephone system and the Spillman CAD purchase.
  • Commissioner Shea stated the BAC did not recommend building up excessive reserve accounts.  The Treasurer thought this was short sighted and felt the BAC was split 50/50 on this issue.
  • The Peters Building will be paid off in 2009.
  • Additional information will be required in order to make decisions regarding potential uses.  Final notes were discussed noting the Registry of Deeds and Probate have submitted funds as recently as today.
  • Commissioner Brown questioned how the CAD would be funded.  Treasurer Crowley suggested that the necessary funds be added to the Courthouse Technology Reserve.  We would then pay for the system form that reserve and the County would pay itself back over time.
  • Treasurer Crowley stated, the question for today was, are you comfortable with the numbers submitted or would you prefer this be considered a first pass?  The Commissioner preferred to consider this a first pass.
  • The Clerk recommended the Professional Services Reserve to cover potential attorney fees, mediators etc.  Commissioner Shea was not completely sold on this account.
  • Treasurer Crowley stated the Civil Process account was in the negative due to the Hopkins legal settlement.  She recommended paying for this from the Employee Benefit Reserve.  The Commissioners preferred to have an overdraft noting extenuating circumstances.  Sheriff Clark recommended transferring funds from another sub-department within his budget to cover the amount.  Treasurer Crowley stated the Sheriff’s Department, Outside Contracts and Civil Process will be added together in the Audit.  Sheriff Clark stated funds have been transferred from one department to another before.  Treasurer Crowley stated that the Sheriff’s Department, Civil Process and Outside Contracts are legally one department.  Commissioner Lawson stated, if the auditor has agreed to this she has no issue with it.
  • Treasurer Crowley recommended that the Reserve accounts absorb legal settlements.  Commissioner Shea would like to give more thought to the issue.  Sheriff Clark stated funds have been transferred from one department to another before. 
  • Treasurer Crowley stated, if the audit were done today, the Sheriff’s Office line item would be $11,000.00 over budget.
  • Sheriff Clark stated in FY05 the employee in question worked in other departments yet her pay was taken from the Civil budget.  Commissioner Brown stated if you think of it that way, then the settlement should have come from your budget.
  • The Treasurer suggested using funds from Potential Payroll Costs Reserve to pay the legal settlement.  The Commissioners were more agreeable to this suggestion.

c.  Decisions concerning 2006 financial wrap-up

7.  Sheriff:

  • Jail Board Report for December 2006

Sheriff Clark distributed the Jail Board Report for December 2006.  He distributed e-mail from Robert S. Howe regarding LD32, An Act to Create a Regional Jail System.

  • Promotion of Megan Kelley to full-time Administrative Civil Process Coordinator effective February 2, 2007, Step 7C $12.16 per hour.

MOTION: move to approve the promotion of Megan Kelley to full-time Civil Process Secretary effective February 2, 2007 at Step 7-C, $12.16 per hour. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

  • Accept: the resignation of Kevin Megno as a full-time Corrections Officer effective January 14, 2007.

MOTION: move to accept the resignation of Kevin Megno as a full-time Corrections Officer effective January 14, 2007. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

  • Approve: the promotion of Christopher Pittman of Brooksville as a full-time Corrections Officer effective January 13, 2007 at Grade 9, Step A, $12.73 per hour.

MOTION: move to approve the promotion pf Christopher Pittman of Brooksville as a full-time Corrections Officer effective January 12, 2007 at Grade 9, Step A, $12.73 per hour. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

  • Hopkins unemployment issue.

MOTION: move to contest the Joanne Hopkins unemployment judgment by the State as Ms. Hopkins has agreed not to file for unemployment if it affects the County’s Experience Rating. (Shea/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

  • Review of a purchase proposal for a used pickup.

Sheriff Clark distributed proposals to purchase a used Ford F-150 pick-up truck.

MOTION: move to accept the offer of $8,800.00 from Roger W. Green. (Lawson/Shea 3-0, motion passed)

12:55 recess
1:18 p.m. back in session

Tax Appeal Hearing between Jacobs v. the Town of Brooksville

Commissioner Shea opened the hearing of Jacobs v. the Town of Brooksville at 1:18 p.m.  Parties were sworn in and Commissioner Shea called upon Mr. John Jacobs for opening statements and testimony.  Mr. Rendell Jones Esq. represented Mr. And Mrs. Jacobs.

Commissioner Shea declared the hearing closed at 3:26 p.m.  Additional copies of cards and other information regarding previous evaluations was requested by Commissioner Lawson.  A decision will scheduled for February 2nd following a previous appeal set for 1:00 p.m.

8. Courthouse Complex

  • Executive Session: Department Head Evaluation

MOTION: move to table the Courthouse Complex agenda items until the February meeting. (Shea/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

b. Review of Yard Paving Proposals.

9. New Business:

  • Set: Tax Appeal Hearing for Schwartz v. the Town of Trenton

The Commissioners set the tax appeal hearing for Schwartz v. the Town of Trenton for 1:00 p.m. on February 2nd.  A decision regarding Jacobs v. the Town of Brooksville will follow the Schwartz hearing.

10. Old Business:


11. County Clerk:


MOTION: to adjourn (Brown/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

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