Commissioners Regular Meeting

Commissioner Shea called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m. on Tuesday, February 13, 2007in the conference room at the County Courthouse in Ellsworth with Commissioners Lawson and Brown in attendance.

Adjustments to the Agenda:

MOTION: move to add item 7-b, discussion of a recorder issue in the RCC and item 5-b, an executive session to discuss General Services Administration contract negotiations. (Shea/Lawson 3-0, motion passed

MOTION: move to add item 3-c, discussion and decision regarding the probate preservation surcharge reserve account and item 2-b, trash disposal (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

Commission Business:

1.  Sheriff:

a.  Employee Recognition

  • The Commissioners recognized several employees from the Sheriff’s Office who have a significant amount of longevity with Hancock County.

b.  Jail Board Report for January 2007

  • Sheriff Clark distributed the Jail Board Report for January 2007 which showed revenues were down.  The Hancock County Jail is currently boarding 2 people.  Sheriff Clark stated he is no longer working with Waldo County to board prisoners, as he cannot take ALL the prisoners requested and the Twin Bridges facility will.  He reported there are currently 5 people waiting for slots in the Deferred Sentencing Project who are serving a portion of their sentence in the Hancock County Jail.  Part of the reason jail board is down is due to the amount of time these prisoners are having to spend in the jail waiting to get into the program.

c.  Review of bids for purchase of new pickup.

  • Sheriff Clark stated Deputy Cote’s vehicle has developed numerous problems due to rain issues.  Deputy Cote has solicited 4-local GM dealers with personal specifications for a pick-up truck that includes a Crew Cab, side airbags and a 5.3 v-8 engine.
  • Hancock County currently has contracts with the Department of Conservation and Sustainable Forrest Property.  Mr. Cote is also patrolling campgrounds in the UT.
  • Sheriff Clark predicted that in 2009 he may need to purchase 5 cruisers.
  • Commissioner Shea stated an RFP for purchases over $2,500.00 was supposed to be approved prior to soliciting bids.  Sheriff Clark stated most cruiser packages are standard and that vehicle purchases are more subject to personal preference and need adding that the Department Head should decide what type of vehicle is needed.  Commissioner Shea stated the proper process to follow would have been to have Deputy Cote write up his bid specifications to include his personal preferences and have it approved by the Commissioners.  When spending taxpayer money we need to adhere to policy.
  • Commissioner Lawson felt the policy needed to be reviewed, and that Deputy Cote solicited similar vehicles. 
  • Commissioners Brown did not have a problem with the Sheriff’s argument but questioned the bid procedures as directed in MRSA Title 30A §124- 3 stating the need for bids from 3 vendors. 
  • Commissioner Brown expressed his issue in going against policy stating if we are going to make an exception then we should change the policy furthermore, if we are going to have a policy, follow the policy. 
  • Commissioners Shea stated, going forward, Department Heads need to fully understand the policy.   The Sheriff stated he is very considerate about getting bids from local dealerships. 
  • Commissioner Shea suggested the Department Heads should work with their Department Head liaison to modify the policy and suggested discussing the issue at a Department Head meeting.

The following bids were opened:

Quirk Auto Park $18,528.00
Varney GMC $16,928.00
Darling’s Auto Mall $18,740.00
Morrison Chevrolet $15,713.00

Commissioner Shea questioned if the GM 100,000 power train warranty would apply to these vehicles.  The Sheriff and Deputy Cote believed it would.

MOTION: move to accept the bid from Morrison Chevrolet in the amount of $15,713.00. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

The purchasing policy will be discussed/reviewed at a Department Head meeting with the idea of keeping them consistent for every department.   Commissioner Brown felt it was important to keep the policy consistent for every department. 

The Commissioners thanked Deputy Cote for his work in obtaining the grant for cruiser computers.

2.  Courthouse Complex

a.  Executive Session: Department Head Evaluation

10:07 a.m.
MOTION: move to go into executive session for the purpose of conducting a Department Head Evaluation. (Brown/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

10:41 a.m.
MOTION: move to come out of executive session. (Brown/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

b.  Review of Yard Paving Proposals.

The following Yard Paving Proposals to remove and recycle paving were discussed. 

K.J. Dugas Construction $34,840.00
Lane Construction $44,335.00
Thibodeau & Sons $35,960.00
Ring’s Paving Co. Inc. $24,040.00 / $9,800.00 = $33,840.00

Ring’s Paving Co. Inc. bid was not considered as it did not meet the guidelines set forth.

Director Urquhart stated this was an informal request, the first three arrived in October 2006, and the fourth arrived in January 2007 at the request of Sheriff Clark.  All four firms had the same information when submitting proposals.

  • Commissioner Shea requested Director Urquhart to clarify if K. J. Dugas intends to recycle the existing paving.
  • Commissioner Lawson questioned if the RFP had been published in the newspaper.  The answer was no.
  • Commissioner Shea would like the curbing next to the Historical Society to be reset. 
  • Commissioner Shea and Director Urquhart will meet with Dugas Construction to make sure they are clear with regard to their instructions.

MOTION: move to award the paving project to K. J. Dugas Construction in the amount of $34,840.00 contingent upon the asphalt being taken to an asphalt plant and being properly recycled and the curbing being reset in place. (Brown/Shea 3-0, motion passed)

The Clerk was instructed to send a letter to the Historical Society notifying them that if they do any damage to the parking area they will be responsible for repairing the damage.  Commissioner Brown questioned the condition of the Old Jail and asked if it could be considered condemned.  This could only be done by the City of Ellsworth Code Enforcement.

c.  Trash disposal issue

Director Urquhart reported dumpsters have been unusually full lately in spite of the fact that white paper recycling is occurring.  A 10 yard dumpster could be provided for $55.00 additional dollars a month.  Commissioner Shea instructed Director Urquhart to continue with the existing 8 yard dumpsters which are currently in place.

3.  Treasurer:

a.  Approve:  Monthly Bills and Warrants
The Treasurer presented the following warrants for review and reported that the TRIO accounting program has been installed in several departments, training will begin shortly.

  • Commissioner Lawson requested a monthly overview by department for the March meeting.

MOTION: move to approve Payroll Warrants #07-01, #07-02, #07-03 and #07-04 in the amount of 252,495.80. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Shea questioned the large legal expense, which was incurred in 2006 but was paid on the 2007 warrant.  Treasurer Crowley stated this was charged to 2006 in Expense Warrant #007-003.  She stated if she inadvertently charged it to 2007, it can be corrected.

MOTION: move to approve Expense Warrants #007-001, #007-002 and #007-003 in the amount of $1,028,502.59. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: move to approve the Unorganized Territory Warrant #6 in the amount of $15,177.13. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

b.  Approve: Carry Forward Reserve Accounts and Reserve Account Balances
Treasurer Crowley presented the Commissioners with spreadsheets addressing Potential Year-end Balances for 2006 and Reserve Fund Potential Carry-forwards for 2007.

MOTION: move to approve the following increases to the indicated year end reserve account balances. (Brown/Shea 2-1, motion passed)

Jail - Medical Payment Reserve $25,000.00
RCC – Equipment Reserve $14,000.00
Personnel Benefit Reserve $105,000.00
SO – Civil Process Office Construction $11,000.00
SO – Technology Reserve  $3,000.00
Courthouse Renovations $200,000.00
Courthouse - Technology Reserve $120,000.00
Retiree Benefits Reserve $82,000.00

11:50 Recess

MOTION:  Move to approve the following suggested carry forwards. (Shea/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

1-301-1100 Courthouse Technology Reserve $120,000.00
1-301-1000 County Building Reserve $200,000.00
1-301-2060 RCC $14,000.00
1-302-7200 Jail-Medical Payments Reserve  $25,000.00
1-301-2100 Sheriff-Technology Reserve $3,000.00
1-302-5200 Sheriff-Civil Process Office Const. $11,000.00
1-301-1003 P/R Benefits $105,000.00
1-302-1032 Deferred Sentencing Project $82,000.00
3-302-1900 Airport-AIP-19 $9,001.61
3-304-1000 Airport-AP-P/R Benefit Reserve $20,000.00

MOTION:  move that we transfer $7,000.00 from account 610-7345 Probate Preservation/Surcharge to 610-7335 Storage Files Project, as was the original intention of the Register. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

Treasurer Crowley reported the Death Reserve would go into effect in 2008 or 2009.  This could be incorporated into the Personnel Benefit Reserve and separated out at that time.  Commissioner Shea stated this would not become an issue unless the County goes for a bond.

  • The Treasurer would like to see the Copier Reserve be incorporated into the Technology Reserve.  The Courthouse Technology Reserve would cover copier purchases, telephone purchases, computer purchases etc.  Treasurer Crowley stated the existing budgeted copier reserves are intended for copier MAINTENANCE, not future purchases.
  • The Treasurer stated the Accounting Reserve will be used to pay for cabling and the purchase of any expense associated with the installation of TRIO.
  • Repayment for the Spillman system will be approximately $25,000.00 per year for the next five years.

4.  Emergency Management Agency:

a.  Monthly Report
Director Pinkham stated there was nothing to add to the monthly report.

  • Approval of job description for EMA part-time employee

Director Pinkham questioned if we needed to wait until next month to approve an applicant for the part-time EMA Clerk position.  Commissioner Lawson said we could give tentative approval if it is emergent.

MOTION: move to approve the job description of EMA part-time clerk. (Lawson/Brown, 2-0 motion passed)

c.  Discussion: Courthouse Emergency Response Plan

Director Pinkham reported that he and Chief Deputy Bishop met with Department Heads on Monday, February 12, 2007 in order to begin updating the Courthouse Emergency Response Plan.  Department Heads were directed to prepare a “continuity of government plan” and meet again on Thursday, February 22nd at 8:30 a.m.

  • Discussion: Completion of the EMA storage area and fence at the Airport.

The Department of Environmental Protection has given its approval for the completion of an EMA storage area and subsequent fence at the airport.  Gravel has been delivered and needs to be spread. One section of fence has been erected and the other three sections will be erected as soon as the gravel is in place.

Director Pinkham discussed the situation at the Green Lake Dam and the temporary bridge that will be erected. The road will be shut off 10-14 days.  The use of the Beech Hill road is being discouraged due to ice and road conditions.  The Green Lake Hatchery will house a fire truck and ambulance and the State Police and Sheriff’s Department will help with police control.

5.  Airport:

Airport Manager Cossette reported that the runway lights are currently out at the airport.  His section was moved up on the agenda to accommodate this issue.

  • Discussion: Terminal Building Expansion Project
    • Airport Manager Cossette reported that TSA needs approximately 600 square feet of office space, roughly 40 x 15 sq. feet area.

b.  Executive session to discuss General Services Administration contract negotiations.

MOTION: move to go into executive session to discuss General Services Administration contract negotiations. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

9:15 a.m.  Commissioner Lawson excused herself for a few minutes.
9:30 a.m.  Commissioner Lawson rejoined the meeting.

MOTION: move to come out of executive session. (Brown/ Shea 2-0, motion passed)

MOTION: move to give authorization to the Airport Manager and the Chairman to continue negotiations with TSA. (Brown/Shea 2-0, motion passed)

6.  Unorganized Territory:

a.  Monthly Report

Mr. Bunker presented a verbal overview of the month to the Commissioners.

  • The soil test conducted on the dumpsite at the Airline Snack Bar came back with no significant impact to the soil.
  • Washington County has decided not to provide dumpsters due the use of roadside pickup.  Commissioner Brown asked if Mr. Bunker had received any phone calls since contracting with the City of Ellsworth for Transfer Station privileges.  The answer was no.
  • Commissioners Brown and Lawson were in agreement that Hancock County does not have to supply a receptacle for people to dispose of their garbage; we only have to provide them with a place to take it.  Commissioner Lawson said that we are not interested in getting into another contract for dumpster service.

Commissioner Lawson asked about the Roads and Bridges.  She questioned if Mr. Bunker kept a regular maintenance schedule as to when the roads need maintenance and what maintenance has been performed.  Commissioner Lawson told Mr. Bunker that the Department of Transportation has a free computer program that helps keep track of road maintenance.

Commissioner Lawson reminded Mr. Bunker to please email a Department Head report in advance so that the Commissioners may read it prior to the meeting.

b.  Sign: 2007 Stray Contract
Mr. Bunker presented the Commissioners with the 2007 Stray Contract from The Small Animal Clinic located at 9 Toothaker Lane in Ellsworth.

MOTION: move to approve the contract as presented. (Brown/Lawson, 2-0 motion passed)

7.  RCC 9-1-1

a.  Monthly Report

Director Dunno stated she had remitted the monthly report prior to the Commissioners meeting and asked if there were any questions.  Commissioner Lawson asked if Director Dunno could break down the number of calls during specific times of day.  Director Dunno feels she could accomplish this by creating a graph.

Director Dunno updated the Commissioners on the State 911 installation.  She will note this in next months report.  Fairpoint has purchased Verizon therefore a delay will occur in the installation of the new E-911.  Feed back from the State on this issue has been minimal.

EMD training has been tentatively scheduled for March 26-28, 2007.  The lack of scheduled classes is having an affect on the RCC budget.  Director Dunno stated that in having to wait for the class does not allow her to have new employees trained to “sit desk” thus causing more overtime to fill the empty shift.

As per instructions from the Commissioners at their meeting with the RCC Board of Directors on February 9th, Director Dunno reported she is still waiting to hear from Roger Raymond to set a date for another board meeting.  Commissioner Brown stated his agreement in her doing so.  Commissioner Lawson felt Director Dunno should schedule a meeting a soon as possible.  After further discussion, Commissioner Brown felt she should wait for Chairman Raymond to call the meeting because he would like to see a more active participation by the Board of Directors.  Commissioner Lawson said that the bylaws state that the director calls meetings.

8.  District Attorney

a.  Approval to increase Andrea Nunn’s hourly wage to $10.00 per hour.

MOTION: move to increase the hourly wage for Andrea Nunn to $10.00 per hour retroactive to January 1, 2007. (Brown/Lawson, 2-0 motion passed)

9.  New Business:

a.  Set: Tax Appeal Hearing for Beverage v. the Town of Trenton

The Commissioners set the Tax Appeal Hearing for Beverage v. the Town of Trenton for March 13, 2007 with a time yet to be determined.

10.  Old Business:


11.  Commissioners:

  • Approve: Minutes of the January 9, 2007 Commissioners Regular Meeting.

MOTION: move to approve the minutes of January 9, 2007 as presented. (Brown/Lawson, 2-0 motion passed)

12.  County Clerk:

  • Discussion: Appointed Exempt Employee Policy

Commissioner Lawson stated she sent corrections of one paragraph by email to the County Clerk this morning and preferred to wait until the full board was present to discuss the suggested change.  This will be placed on the March 2007 agenda.

MOTION: to adjourn. (Brown/Lawson 2-0, motion passed)

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