Commissioners regular Meeting

Commissioner Shea called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 9, 2007in the conference room at the Hancock County Courthouse in Ellsworth with Commissioners Brown and Lawson in attendance.

Adjustments to the Agenda:

MOTION: move to add item 3-a, a discussion regarding Colgan Air proposal to cut service in the winter months. (Brown/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: move to add RFP discussion under item 6-b. (Brown/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

9:00 a.m.: Bid Opening – UT Snow Removal

T3 Sheridan D. Smith Inc. $23,600.00  
T22 Randy Perry $5,200.00 Insurance Certificate is on file
T22 PG Rated Lawn Care $6,850.00  
T28 PG Rated lawn Care $5,950.00  
T28 Randy Perry $6,500.00  
T28 Jerry Torey $7,000.00 **  

**Township 28 only - Insurance Certificate is on file.

UT Supervisor Bunker informed the Commissioners that the snow removal contracts for T7 and T8 and have been extended and the T9 snow removal contract is up for renewal soon.

Commissioner Shea asked UT Supervisor Bunker to return later in the day to give his recommendation regarding the snow removal bids.

MOTION: move to approve the T3 bid from Sheridan Smith in the amount of $23,600.00 (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

UT Supervisor Bunker suggested, for convenience purposes, awarding the T22 and T28 bids to the same party.  Commissioner Lawson suggested bidding them out together, in the future.

MOTION: move to award the T22 and T28 bids to Randy Perry of Cherryfield. (Brown/Shea 1-2, motion failed) Lawson and Shea opposed.

Discussion: Commissioner Lawson expressed her opinion that the low bid should be accepted for each township.  Commissioner Shea agreed.

MOTION: move we award the bid for T22 to Randy Perry of Cherryfield, in the amount of $5,200.00. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: move to award the bid for T28 to James Gallant/PG Rated Lawn Care in the amount of $5,950.00 (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: move that we authorize that if either Perry or Gallant reject the proposal to plow one of the townships, we authorize the UT Supervisor to negotiate with Randy Perry for plowing both townships at his proposed price. (Shea/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Lawson suggested that in the future, we explore putting out 3-year contracts and combining the contracts for Townships 22 and 28.

HCPC Discussion re: County wide joint purchasing venture for public safety Departments and Well & Septic Grants

  • Thom Martin of the Hancock County Planning Commission updated the Commissioners regarding a County wide joint purchasing venture for public safety departments.  HCPC is interested in applying for a Cooperative Services Grant, which would include EMS, Police and Fire Department equipment purchases.  This would include a Joint Capital Improvement Program and would allow all the towns in Hancock County to be aware of what other towns are interested in purchasing.  Mr. Martin stated he was looking to the County to express their tentative interest in becoming the lead applicant in the program.  The grant would also include participation by the Firefighters Association, Police Association and Emergency Services.
  • Commissioner Shea stated the Fire Fighters Association does an excellent job in sharing resources.
  • Mr. Martin stated this program would include smaller items, like radio equipment.  They would also like to encourage local fire departments to purchase common hose fittings.
  • Commissioner Lawson questioned if departments have provided a list of items to be purchased.  The answer was no, not yet, the Planning Commission is in the planning stages and intend to write a grant when the time comes.

 MOTION: move to agree to serve as the lead agency for the Planning Commission in applying for these grants and to enter into cooperative purchasing and cooperative capital improvement plans for state goods. (Lawson/Shea 3-0, motion passed)

  • Mr. Martin stated that the Planning Commission is working with WHCA in a County wide Well & Septic Replacement Grant.  This program would replace sub standard wells or septic systems.  They currently have 15 possible candidates who have expressed interest.  This program would be similar to the Community Block Grant Programs of past years.  The County would serve as the lead applicant.
  • Commissioner Shea asked if the UT’s would function just like other towns for the grant.  Mr. Martin stated the UT’s are not eligible to apply on their own; that the County could apply on their behalf.
  • Mr. Martin stated he is planning to recruit an advisory committee for this project.  Commissioner Shea would be willing to sit on the advisory board as he has prior experience in this field.
  • Commissioner Brown questioned how recipients were chosen.  Mr. Martin explained that funding factors, evidence of contamination and the question of safe and reliable drinking water, are factors.  He explained that a ranking system will be created to choose recipients.  Residents  with overboard discharge systems will probably be considered, but they will be focusing more on people who will not be able to obtain grant funding as they are looking at health and safety issues.

MOTION: move to agree to function as the lead agency and the towns as the co-applicants for the grants replacing sub standard waste water disposal systems and (?) water supply systems. (Brown/Shea 3-0, motion passed)


  • Acting Facilities Director Davis stated there is an electrical problem in the Jail and requested direction regarding light bulbs.  Grounds and ballasts need to be checked.
  • Commissioner Brown recommended changing to new style, energy saving ballasts like the ones he has in his business.
  • Commissioner Shea recommended an evaluation by Gary Taylor before proceeding.  He suggested having this done throughout the complex.  There are grant funds available for energy saving projects; Commissioner Shea stated the grant would cover the audit.
  • Acting Facilities Director Davis requested to move a power panel that is currently lying on the roof over District Court.  We have a power panel and cable but need authorization to move it inside to the District Court Waiting Area.
  • Commissioner Shea requested an estimate, before beginning this project.

Deferred Sentencing Project Update

  • Dr. Richard Dimond updated the Commissioners regarding progress with the Deferred Sentencing Project.  He stated he is usually upbeat when speaking to the Commissioners but is very concerned with funding for the DSP for February through June 2008.  He reported that the DSP did not receive funding from the federal grants he requested funding from.
  • The State has committed to take over the long term funding as of July 1, 2008.  Dr. Dimond has requested funding from the County for the first 6 months of 2008.  He has decreased his budget request by $19,000.00.  Dr. Dimond requested permission to forward a revised budget in the amount of $49,000.00 to the Commissioners and that they forward it on to the Budget Advisory Committee.  He would like the Commissioners to note this decrease in their budget. 
  • Dr. Dimond stated that he has been advised that he will not be able to make a presentation to the BAC; it was his opinion that he had no opportunity to make a presentation to anyone, unless the BAC questions him.
  • The DSP request remains on a contingency basis, and if funds are received from other parties, funds would be returned to the County.  The $49,000.00 budget request would be used for treatment, case management and drug testing.  Open Door is the agency they contract with for substance abuse treatment and mental health services.
  • The change to his situation is that both federal grant applications have been denied.  A brief summary of the revision will include detail of what the funds are being spent for and what is being eliminated.
  • Commissioner Lawson was impressed that if funds are received through other sources and the county commits to the project funding, the funds would be returned to the County and could go into surplus.  Commissioner Lawson thought it would be a shame if the program had to stop for 6 months, especially since it is being used as a model for the rest of the country.

MOVE: to agree to accept a revised proposal for funding from the Deferred Sentencing Project and recommend that this revised report be received and considered by the BAC. (Lawson/Shea 3-0, motion passed)

Discussion: This new revised budget will include taking in new members to the program.  Commissioner Lawson stated everything has been done to save funds in this program.  The steering committee has done an excellent job in keeping costs down.  The receiving of a revised proposal is in recognition that the Deferred Sentencing Project's request for federal funding was denied.


MOTION: move to approve the minutes of the September 11, 2007 Commissioners Regular Meeting, September 5th and 11th Commissioners Budget Workshops and the September 26th Public Hearing. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)


  • As the Emergency Management Agency monthly report was e-mailed prior to the meeting; Director Pinkham asked if there were any questions.
  • Director Pinkham stated the Maintenance Department received 5 First Aid kits, to be kept in strategic locations throughout the complex.
  • Director Pinkham stated he has contacted Jay Fowler and the EMA project at the airport will be completed this week.  The hold up in this project was created by the permitting process from the DEP.
  • Director Pinkham stated that the full-scale exercise held in Castine last week, was very successful, it demonstrated that federal, state, local governments and hospitals and EMS worked well together in an emergency.  Commissioner Brown was very impressed in seeing NIMS in action.  Commissioner Lawson was very disappointed not to be alerted of this exercise ahead of time.  Director Pinkham stated the Commissioner Office had been alerted and he could prove it.  Dignitaries from Wisconsin and Virginia were impressed as well.
  • NIMS Cast is a tool to determine whether a jurisdiction is in compliance.  UT’s have been covered according to Director Pinkham.  The biggest concern is the off shore islands.  There needs to be a way to notify these people of large summer storms.
  • Commissioner Brown asked if there were any FEMA or Grant funds available.  2007 funds are available now, grant proposals can be written through November. There is currently less that $2 mil dollars left. 
  • Mr. Pinkham stated that the finest regional response team in the State, is housed in Ellsworth. 
  • Director Pinkham joined the meeting later in the day and apologized for not inviting all the Commissioners to the drill in Castine.  He stated he had invited Commissioner Brown as he is his department representative but neglected to invite Commissioners Lawson and Shea to the drill.


  • Airport Manager Cossette reported that Colgan Air is petitioning the US DOT to reduce flights out of BHB to 3 flights a day, in the winter months.  Manager Cossette stated that based on the numbers from January, February and March they really cannot oppose this recommendation.  We will loose the mid-afternoon flight.  Our concern is keeping the early morning and late evening flights to and from Boston.  Currently the 6:00 a.m. flight stops in Rockland, the new proposal is a direct flight to Boston.  Mr. Cossette stated that the use of larger planes have been discussed, and noted that if we go to a larger aircraft, we will incur some infrastructure cost.  The Commissioners left this issue in the capable hands of the Airport Manager.


  • Chief Deputy Bishop distributed the Jail Board Report for September 2007 showing year to date revenues in the amount of $77,872.00.  Commissioner Shea noted we are back on track to meet our projections.  A brief discussion ensued regarding the State proposed jail takeover.  Commissioner Shea thanked CD Bishop for the new Jail Average Daily Inmate Population Report/Board Revenue Report.  He stated it was very helpful and interesting.
  • CD Bishop distributed a request for approval of a 4-month leave of absence, without pay, for personal reasons, from Deputy Jason Lepper.

MOTION: move to approve the request by Jason Lepper for a 4-month leave of absence, without pay, retroactive from September 24, 2007 through February 1, 2008. (Shea/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: move to approve the promotion of Christopher Sargent from part-time Patrol Deputy to temporary full-time Patrol Deputy, retroactive to September 29, 2007 at Grade 12, Step A, $15.43 per hour. (Brown/Shea 2-0-1, motion passed, Lawson abstained)

Back ground: Deputy Sargent has been working for the Sheriff’s Department since August 2006.  A waiver by the academy has been requested and received in order to allow Deputy Sargent to exceed the specified 1040-hour maximum hours of police work in 2007.  Deputy Sargent will be added to the rotation, but works more contracts than other Deputies.  Deputy Sargent has completed his reserve officer certification.  That is all he needs.  The academy understands this is a temporary full-time position.  The stipulation to this agreement is that Mr. Sargent can not work for any other law enforcement agency during this time.

10:28 a.m.: 10 minute recess
10:40 a.m.: back in session


  • Mr. Bunker wanted the record to show that Mr. Gallant of PG Rated Lawn Care has agreed to plow Township 28.

Discussion/Proposal: Citrix Solution with CBE Technologies:

  • Dave Barter and Jeff Mann of CBE Technology were present to discuss the addition of Citrix Solution to the Administrative Network.  Dave Barter explained that Citrix gives remote access to our Admin Network.  Cost savings will occur when regular PC's are replaced with thin client PC’s.  The return on investment is longer; replacement of a regular PC is usually 3-4 years.  A thin client is replaced after 6-7 years.  The annual maintenance fee is $400.00 per year.  Mr. Barter explained that anti virus software for individual machines would not be needed if thin clients were used.  Commissioner Shea questioned if the server plus maintenance cost in line 2 was an annual cost.  The answer was yes.  Mr. Mann stated that the County would see a savings on CCMA charges with the use of thin clients.
  • Mr. Barter stated there is no reason to upgrade our current equipment as it is a stable platform that has been around for years.  The Citrix Solution would allow access to the Airport to TRIO and would give EMA access to their data from the computers in their vehicles.  Citrix also will give the County a disaster recovery plan as well as allows employees to access their work PC's information from home.  The primary advantage to Citrix is, if something happens to this building, we have access to our information.
  • Mr. Barter stated Citrix gives you flexibility to grow inexpensively.  Commissioner Shea asked that when the units in the Registry of Deeds need to be replaced, can we use thin clients?  The answer was yes…..Mr. Barter will need to do some research, but in his opinion, yes they could replace regular PC’s with thin clients.  In using Citrix, access is only allowed on pre selected sections of the server.   Citrix Solutions means no maintenance, no anti virus, no patching, and no updating individual machines.  When a change is made to the application, it is made everywhere, you do not have to go from PC to PC and make changes.  Currently, we are paying approximately $200.00 per PC for maintenance recurring costs. 
  • CBE employees currently use Citrix through Boston.  They use it through their wireless cell phone connection.  It will work over a dial up, but not as quickly.
  • Mr. Mann stated Citrix will work over dial up; CBE has a way to optimize it to run specifically over dial up.
  • The Clerk stated that she has two more contract payments remaining for the year and the retainer is paid through the end of the year.  With this said, there is $12,500.00 remaining in the Computer Contract account that could be used to purchase Citrix Solution.
  • Commissioner Shea mentioned the Courthouse Technology Account balance, after further discussion Treasurer Crowley noted the Spillman CAD purchase came from this account and is being reimbursed annually.

MOTION: move to purchase the Citrix Solutions from acct 04-20-100 in the amount of $12,040.86. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

RCC / 9-1-1 CENTER

  • As Director Dunno had submitted her monthly report prior to the meeting; she asked if there were any questions.  She reported Cadillac Mountain has calmed down.  They are having issues with people unable to work.  Director Dunno has been filling some of the shifts herself. 
  • The recorder is up and running.  Commissioner Lawson asked about the Cadillac Mountain Equipment replacement.  New equipment has been purchased and installed.  Other equipment issues include the replacement of the Recorder.
  • An RFP has been written for a Digital Voice Logging System.  Director Dunno designed an RFP specifically for Hancock County.  She asked the Commissioners for permission to distribute the RFP.  Page 4 mentions conventional radio channels.  Hancock County uses all digital channels.  Tone control was discussed.  The installer and internal workings of the controller will take care of the tone control.  Acorn soft ware presented Director Dunno and the Clerk with a preview of their system at the MCCA Convention in September.
  • Some computers in the dispatch are still using windows 98.  Commissioner Lawson suggested increasing the license to have Windows XP installed on RCC machines. 

MOTION: move to approve the Digital Voice Logging System RFP as presented by Director Dunno. (Brown/Shea 3-0, motion passed)

  • Director Dunno requested changing the part-time position to 16 hours instead of 20 hours per week.  The Commissioners agreed.  The Commissioners requested the Clerk to add the 20 hour part-time policy to the agenda for next month.
  • Director Dunno distributed reports from the CAD System.  She explained that she can generate reports by town, fire departments, police departments ect.  These reports can be broken down by Village as well as Town.
  • Commissioner Lawson questioned if Director Dunno was aware of the Castine drill conducted by EMA.  Director Dunno stated Director Pinkham told them they may hear some state wide car to car or they may call asking for him.  She stated Hancock County RCC was not contacted to Dispatch for the drill and that it was explained to her that Waldo County was charged with dispatching the drill. .  Commissioner Brown explained that the tactical team came from Waldo County but the scene happened on the Maine Maritime Academy Ship, The State of Maine, located in Castine.  Commissioner Shea asked how the terrorist actually got on the boat for the exercise.  The captain of the ship called 911 and said he had been hijacked and had 4 terrorist on board.  The call was made by cell phone and went to the Augusta RCC.


  • Treasurer Crowley presented the following Warrants for approval:

MOTION: move to approve Payroll Warrants #07-36, #07-37, #07-38 and #07-39 in the amount of $264,984.68. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: move to approve Expense Warrants #007-029, #007-303 and #007-032 in the amount of $537,544.27. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: move to approve UT Warrant #4 in the mount of $7,484.90. (Lawson/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

  • Commissioner Shea stated that the County should do away with the Martin’s Ridge Road.  Commissioner Lawson stated we can simply declare that they are getting rid of the road.  The Clerk suggested closing the road through the winter.  $1,950.00 for ditching was spent on the road in September; there are no residents who live on the UT portion of the road.  There is a tower owned by the telephone company on the Franklin end of the road.  Commissioner Shea asked stated the tower is in Franklin and the resident lives in Franklin and questioned why we are spending UT money to maintain the road.  The Treasurer agreed.  Commissioner Lawson instructed the Clerk add the closing of the road to the November agenda.
  • Treasurer Crowley stated the Commissioners have received a letter from the Sheriff regarding interest received from a CD in the amount of $550.72, that has been reported under the County’s Tax ID Number.  The check from the CD has been deposited into the Sheriff’s Miscellaneous Income Account.  In the letter from the Sheriff he wrote, “If the County of Hancock would like to assist our committee with your constituents’ needs, we would be honored to accept this check and assure you it will go towards a good cause.”  The Treasurer requested direction as to what she should do about this.  Commissioner Shea suggested discussing this later in the day when the representatives from the Sheriff’s Employee Fund is present.
  • It is the Treasurers understanding that the checks from L & L Vending were sent to the Sheriff Department, in the name of the Hancock County Employee Fund, therefore L & L Vending assumed this was a county function and no 10-99 was issued.  Unfortunately, the funds were being deposited into an individuals account under a social security number and a 10-99 was not issued.
  • Commissioner Brown questioned how a Sheriff’s Department Employee could open a CD with the County Federal ID Number.  Treasurer Crowley stated that she thought the CD was reported in the Audit, she will research this and comment later in the day.
  • Treasurer Crowley stated the one thing the Sheriff’s Employee Fund representatives have forgotten is that the moneys that come in to the county do not require a 10-99 at the end of the year.  If funds are sent to an individual, 10-99’s have to be sent per IRS law.  A declaration as to how this money is handled is needed.  Checks were sent to the Sheriff’s Office to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Employee Fund, L & L vending assumed this was a county function and did not send a 10-99. The representative from L & L Vending was concerned that the 10-99 was not sent and funds were going to an individual’s private account.  Treasurer Crowley stated this has to be an open book account.  The Auditor stated this account needed to be audited and that money being generated within a county facility is subject to audit.

12:25 p.m.: Break for Lunch
1:00 p.m.: Back in session


  • The County Clerk stated that in researching a vacation accrual issue she discovered that three employees had not received their vacation accruals in the proper month.  She recommended paying these employees their accruals at the rate they would have earned them at.
  • Patrick Kane requested to be given vacation time instead of cash and to increase their maximum vacation accruals until the 102 hours are used.  Commissioner Shea thought the Union would oppose their request and suggested giving them the time over 3 years.  Commissioners Brown stated his concern that this should be agreed to by the Union and an addendum should be added to the contract.  Commissioner Shea suggested using the time over the life of the current contract.  These employees could take the cash at any time over the life of the contract at the wage it was earned at or take it as vacation time over the life of the contract.  If vacation time would be granted it would be paid at the current wage rate.

MOTION: move to give Tim Cote, Patrick Kane and Jeff McFarland the option to of either taking a cash settlement at the wage rate at the time the time was earned or take the additional vacation time over the life of the current union agreement. (Shea/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Brown asked if the Union would have to be contacted regarding this issue.  The clerk will write a letter to the Union explaining the situation; the shop steward will look it over prior to sending.


  • MDEA Agent/Patrol Deputy Corey Bagley was unavailable to attend the meeting to represent the Sheriffs Employee Fund.  In trying to find a representative to speak, the Clerk contacted the Sheriff’s Administrative Assistant and was told there was no one else would could speak on their behalf.
  • Commissioner Shea stated that based upon the fact the employee's group has been receiving funds from the vending machine and is unwilling to provide a good accounting of the funds, there are two options available.  1) have funds received from the machines sent to the Treasurer or 2) remove the machines from the Jail.  Machines on the basement floor will remain in place as other employees and courthouse visitors use the machines.
  • The Commissioners discussed a CD in which $550.72 in interest has been received from the Sheriff's Employee Fund by using the County Tax ID Number.

MOTION: move that we have the treasurer remit to the general fund of Hancock County $552.72, and temporarily take these funds from the Sheriff’s miscellaneous income account until we can get the matter of the $10,000.00 squared away and find out what we are going to do about the people using the Tax ID Number. (Brown/Shea 3-0, motion passed)

  • Commissioner Lawson questioned where the $10,000.00 for the CD shows up in the audit.  Response: It is listed as the Sheriff’s Department Certificate of Deposit.  Commissioner Brown asked if we have to report this to the IRS.
  • Treasurer Crowley stated that since that the CD was previously listed under the County’s ID number, and now is probably listed under an employee’s social security number, she may have to issue a 1099 at year-end to document the transfer.
  • The Clerk was instructed to send a letter to Department Heads stating that the County Tax ID numbers should only be used with the expressed written permission of the Treasurer’s Office.  A letter should also be sent to local banks advising them that only the Treasurer and Deputy may conduct financial transactions using the County’s ID number.
  • Commissioner Shea explained that this is the Sheriff’s organization that raises funds basically for charitable work and that he believes most of the funds go toward scholarships in the name of the Sheriff’s daughter.  He explained that the Sheriff raises funds for this scholarship on his own and used the example of his son donating money each year because he was very close friend of the Sheriff’s daughter.  He stated that these funds came from the employees, not from the tax payers.
  • When asked, Treasurer Crowley stated that the funds have to be legally identified and foot noted in the audit.  Treasurer Crowley stated that the funds may have to be legally identified and documented as a footnote in the audit.  Treasurer Crowley stated she is not interested in causing problems for the Sheriff or his employees and will consult with the auditor concerning the proper, most discrete way to handle the transaction
  • Commissioner Lawson suggested that the Sheriff's Employee Fund needs to formally establish a 501-(c)(3) organization in order to do handle this account correctly.  The down side of this is that every year they will have to hire an account to audit their account.  Commissioner Brown stated that the employees who did this, should be held accountable.

1:46 p.m.: Recess
1:53 p.m.: Back in session

Commissioner Shea stated the auditor recommended in the annual report that revenues from the Vending machines either need to be subject to her audit or they needed to be included in the general county revenues.  Commissioner Shea stated that since the Sheriff’s Employees Group has refused to subject their books to audit, he:

MOTION: moved to notify L & L Vending that the revenues from the Courthouse ground floor and Jail vending machines are to be remitted to the County Treasurer. (Shea/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: moved to send a memo to Sheriff Clark stating that if he wants the Jail vending machine to remain, the proceeds are to go to the County Treasurer.  If he does not, then he should notify the Clerk and the Clerk will direct L & L Vending to remove the machines. (Shea/Lawson 3-0, motion passed

MOTION: moved that the Courthouse ground floor vending machines are controlled by the County Commissioners and that those machines will remain in place. (Brown/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Shea stated that if the Courthouse ground floor machines are no longer profitable for L & L Vending, they will have to notify us that they do not want to leave the machines there.

Commissioner Lawson stated the unmentionable item that they have skirted around is some kind of reprimand for the two people using the county ID number.  She felt strongly that this needed to be done.  Commissioner Brown suggested waiting to see what the auditor says.  He suggested there may be other legal problems stemming from this issue.

MOTION: Move to direct the County Clerk to send a notice to the Department Heads stating the County Tax ID Number should not be used with out the expressed written permission from the Treasurer, as this is a violation of law. (Shea/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

Resumed County Clerk Business:

  • County Clerk DePrenger stated that the Courthouse Snow Removal Bids were advertised late this year and requested that the Chairman be allowed to open the bids on October 26th, at 5:45 p.m., prior to the BAC Meeting.

MOTION: move to approve the Clerks request to authorize the Chairman to open Courthouse Snow Removal Bids prior to the BAC meeting on October 26, 2007 and assuming they are within budget constraints, award the bid to the lowest bidder. (Shea/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Shea explained the situation regarding the Andrew Peters Office Building Attic space to Commissioners Brown and Lawson.  He had tried to contact District Attorney Povich on two occasions, but was unsuccessful.  The Architect recommended fully insulating the attic area and then capping it off.  Commissioner Shea stated it should not be used for storage as the stairway does not meet code and is not suitable for carrying items up or down.  He recommended ceasing use of the Andrew Peters Office Building attic for storage and to cap off the attic when the insulation is in place.  Commissioner Lawson thought this should be discussed with the District Attorney prior to making a decision.  She stated stored computers need to be cleaned and District Attorney Povich is concerned with storage space.  Commissioner Lawson stated it was her opinion that the District Attorney should be concentrating on deleting and getting rid of old files.  Commissioner Brown was concerned about weight if the attic is used for storage.  Commissioner Lawson suggested if the attic is sealed off a drop down stair could be used for attic access.  Commissioners Shea and Brown did not recommend this.  A hole at the top of the stairs could be created for electrical wiring work.  Commissioner Shea stated this was a series of unfortunate timing.  Commissioner Brown suggested the District Attorney attend the next builders meeting with his questions for the architect.  Commissioner Shea will speak to the District Attorney about the issue.

MOTION: move to adjourn. (Brown/Lawson 3-0, motion passed)

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