Commissioners Special Meeting

Commission Chairman Percy L. Brown, Jr., called the public hearing of the Hancock County Commissioners to order at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 30, 2009 with Commissioner Joy in attendance. Commissioner Lawson was absent due to illness.

Commissioner Brown welcomed attendees and introduced Commissioner Steven E. Joy representing commissioner district 1, District Attorney Michael Povich, County Clerk Cynthia DePrenger and Chief Financial Officer Philip Roy to the attendees. The state LD1 county budget cap for FY2010 is currently 3.82%. The summary proposal on page 8 of the budget workbook was reviewed, noting county expenditures in the amount of $5,002,314., jail expenditures in the amount of $2,100,786., county revenues in the amount of $1,471,618 making the proposed amount to be raised by taxation $5,102,959, an increase of $96,173., over the 2009 budget, which represents a 1.92% increase. Transfers from the undesignated fund balance are not included in the proposal, but will be added to the final proposal.

The commissioners proposed budget will be forwarded to the budget advisory committee who will convene their first meeting on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 6:00 p.m. Upon receiving final recommendations from the budget advisory committee, the commissioners will finalize the FY2010 county budget by December 15, 2009. In working on this budget, the managers and commissioners worked together to present a budget that included little to no increase over the FY09 budget. Commissioner Brown stated that due to the economic situation, the commissioners felt the need to keep the budget as close to FY09 amounts as possible. Commissioner Brown assured attendees that no county employees have been laid off, but reductions were made in working hours.

Commissioner Steven Joy thanked the attendees for volunteering their time and helping to create the proposed budget. He praised the department heads for their understanding in trying to save jobs and create savings.

CFO Roy presented the unorganized territory budget noting a 2.87% increase over the prior year. Revenues presented were $29,562., expenditures totaled $215,822. Estimated surplus was proposed at $48,900, less 10% of expenditures of $21,582, making the total reduction $27,318. The proposed amount to be raised by taxation is $158,942.

Commissioner Brown thanked the attendees and called for questions; as there were none, he closed the meeting.

6:12 p.m.
MOTION: meeting adjourned. (Joy/Brown 2-0, motion passed)

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