Commissioners Special Meeting

Chairman Steven E. Joy called the special meeting of the Hancock County Commissioners to order at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, December 28, 2011 in the conference room of the Hancock County Courthouse located in Ellsworth, Maine with Commissioner Fay A. Lawson in attendance.


Commissioner Joy welcomed those in attendance. County Clerk DePrenger introduced the retirees to the commissioners.

The County Clerk explained that the county is phasing out retiree spousal health insurance effective June 30, 2011 and that retirees will begin contributing $34.67 per month toward the cost of their county provided health insurance.

The County Clerk introduced representatives from Eastern Area Agency on Aging and the resources available to the retirees through this agency.

Adjustments to the agenda:

MOTION: move to add item (B) Higgins property under Office of Financial Affairs and to move RCC directly under Commissioners on the agenda.  (Joy/Lawson 2-0, motion passed)

The holiday shifts side letter associated with the SO/RCC union was presented for signatures.  Sheriff Clark confirmed that he is in agreement with the side letter.

MOTION: move to approve the holiday shifts side letter to Mr. Churchill with approval of the sheriff. (Lawson/Joy 2-0, motion passed)


No bids were received for radio maintenance. Director Wellman spoke with Brown’s communications who stated they had submitted a bid they had submitted a bid. Brown's hand delivered a bid today; however it is past the deadline. Director Wellman asked if they would accept the bids received after the due date.  Chairman Joy suggested extending the opening to January 3, 2012.

MOTION: to extend the deadline to receive bids to January 3, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. (Lawson/Joy 2-0, motion passed)


Commissioner Joy asked EMA Director Pinkham if he planned to stay on as Emergency Management Director in 2012.  Director Pinkham replied that due to accusations of mismanagement, the planner not being paid, and a disagreement on who has authority to expend LEPC funds, he will not be submitting an end of employment date until these issues are cleared.

Expending LEPC funds were discussed.  Commissioner Joy would like to have something in writing from the LEPC chairman authorizing the expenditure for all of the LEPC funds for the hours Linda Feury worked for them. CFO Roy stated that commissioners are the caretakers of LEPC, Mitigation and Homeland Security funds.

Planner funding:

  • the contract states that funds will not exceed $40,000 out of the homeland security grant
  • mitigation was included under duties which Commissioner Joy feels is included in the $40,000
  • At this time $2,219 has been expended through LEPC, $3,857 through mitigation, $38,745 through planning for a total of $44,821

MOTION: upon receiving authorization from LEPC from the chairman that we pay all hours worked under the LEPC grant in a separate check and that we pay, if the work has been completed, up to $40,000 under the contract as billed and be proportionate with homeland and mitigation with a dispute of $2,602.  (Joy/ motion failed due to lack of second)

MOTION: move that we release checks to Linda Feury for work done on LEPC pending authorization from the director or chairman. (Lawson/Joy 2-0, motion passed)

This will be discussed further at the January meeting.


The town of Trenton did not abate the taxes on the Higgins property. Roy requested to pay the taxes in order to release the lien on the property before the property is seized.

MOTION: move to release a check to the Town of Trenton on the Higgins property $274.88. (Lawson/Joy 2-0, motion passed)

GASB states that we must expend our capital accounts before the end of the year.

CFO Roy suggested the following capital accounts and funding for FY12:

Airport Proposed Surplus:

  • moving $10,000 out of 70-100 Equipment to G2-3010-70
  • moving $3,000 out of 70-110 Lawn Mower to G2-3010-70
  • moving $7,000 out of 70-300 Vehicles to G2-3010-60
  • moving $2,000 out of 70-410 Terminal Equip. G2-3010-50
  • moving $3,000 out of 70-430  Crack Seal to G2-3010-40
  • moving $7,075 out of 70-460 Terminal Building into G2-3030-20
  • creating a new contingency account in the amount of $100,000
  • moving $25,000 payroll benefits to G-3020-20

Commissioner Lawson suggested increasing the payroll benefits to $50,000.0
MOTION: to move the recommended airport capital transfers in the amount of $186,075 which includes an increase to payroll expenditures in the amount of  $50,000. (Joy/Lawson 2-0, motion passed)

General Fund proposed surplus:

  • move $6,977 from 40-106-107 Legal to a new account
  • move $10,000 from 02-35-100 Vehicles to G1-3022-10
  • move $1,500 from 03-70-250 copier to G1-3012-40
  • move $12,500 from 07-70-100 equipment to G1-3012-60
  • move $140.00 from 09-70-100 to G1-3012-10
  • move $127.00 from 09-70-250 to G1-3012-90
  • move $1,000 from 18-10-650 prevention to new account
  • move $4,092 from 18-70-175 radio to G1-3015-00
  • move $200.00 from 18-70-400 building to G1-3014-90
  • move $4,935 from 18-70-900 training to G1-3015-10
  • move $100,000 from 70-400 building to G1-3011-00
  • move $50,000 from 70-405 health trust to G1-3011-02
  • move $4,500 from computer surplus to new acct.

CFO Roy stated that the health trust could be reduced to $50,000.00.

MOTION: to move recommended capital transfers in the amount of $178,994. (Joy/Lawson 2-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to move the executive session under MRSA Title 1 405 6 (A) to discuss part-time employee compensation benefits to the January 3, 2012 meeting. (Joy/Lawson 2-0, motion passed)

RCC continued:

Renee Wellman updated the county clerk on the RFP for radio maintenance. Brown’s Communications will respond at cost, however, Motorola will have to resubmit a bid which may or may not be here by January 3, 2011.


MOTION: to adjourn. (Lawson/Joy 2-0, motion passed)

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