June 27, 2014

Commission Chairman, Steven E. Joy called the meeting of the Hancock County Commissioners to order at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, June 27, 2014 in the conference room at the county courthouse located in Ellsworth Maine with Commissioners Brown and Blasi in attendance.


Adjustments to the agenda:

MOTION: to add item 2c, payment for maintenance on the Bull Hill generator and to add item 2d, an executive session under title MRSA 405, 6(A) to discuss a personnel matter. (Brown/Joy 2-0-1 motion passed) Blasi was in favor of adding 2c but abstained on the executive session.

Commission Business:


Sheriff Clark presented an updated proposed Jail FY15 to reflect 1.25% and 1.5% wage increases according to the new jail contract along with other corrections. It was noted that the BOC is permitting Hancock County to submit a budget greater than the FY13 budget provided that it does not increase our CAP, the CCA funds and the new operations fund amount. 

Sheriff Clark explained under LD 1824 which states any unbudgeted Federal board is subject to a 25/75 split; 25% going to BOC and 75% going to debt services.  If he underestimates his Federal Board, he loses the excess over the budgeted amount.  Any money received over the budgeted amount can be kept to go toward operations of the jail.  25% of unbudgeted funds is kept by the BOC which is to build a capital account for all 15 jails. Currently, only five counties contribute to the account. The sheriff does not feel the operational support fund of $266,414.00 will be reduced.

The BOC has set up a federal line for revenue reimbursement named Federal OT Reimbursement. When money is received, the CFO will produce the line.

MainePERS contribution rate increased to 7.9%.

4307 Miscellaneous utilities is the equipment needed to send off the fingerprints electronically.

CFO Roy has requested to separate propane for kitchen and heating into two different budget lines in order to help track expenditures.  CFO Roy will create a new line for cooking propane.

MOTION: to approve the Jail FY15 budget in the amount of $2,335,137 and total revenue of $2,335,137.00. (Brown/Blasi 3-0, motion passed)


The following Jail Capital Accounts were proposed

Holding account          $22,504.50      Total after transfer: $22,504.50

Surplus PYAR              $ 6,307.00      Total after transfer: $ 6,307.00

Building G11-3120-00  $ 6,000.00      Total after transfer: $38.966.00

Vehicle                        $28,000.00     Total after transfer: $28,000.00

Total of transfers:     $62,811.50    Total all accounts: $62,811.50

CFO Roy recommended placing $22,504 into a holding account until the BOC creates rules on how the funds are to be disbursed.  A new account will be created upon approval.

MOTION: to take $6,307 surplus to pay for prior year 2012/13 accounts receivables. (Brown/Joy 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to create a holding account for excess federal revenue in the amount of $22,504.50 and to add any other federal board that may come in above and beyond the June number. (Joy/Brown 3-0, motion passed) Discussion: CFO Roy explained the $22,504.50 is $10,335.40 and $12,169.10 which is anticipated federal board money that has been billed for May and June. The new account will show on the monthly capital accounts as Federal Holding Account.

MOTION: to put $6,000 into G11-3120-00 Building. (Joy/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION:  move to put $28,000 into a vehicle capital account. (Brown/Joy 3-0, motion passed) Discussion: CFO Roy will create an account and it will show on the monthly capital accounts.  The money is available but Commissioner Joy requested that the books be closed before going out to bid on a new vehicle.

Office of Financial Affairs:

Discussion: FY14 jail year end financials:  CFO Roy

The following UT Capital Accounts were proposed.

Contingency G05-3100-00   $2,348        Total after transfer: $25,000

FY15/16 Surplus                 $33,848

Road Reserve G05-3200-00 $29,000       Total after transfer: $206,492

Total of Transfers:            $65,196      Total in accounts: $265,340

MOTION: move to approve UT proposed surplus expenditures and accounting as proposed by the CFO to approve the Contingency account increase of $2,348.00 to $25,000.00 and UT roads surplus of  $29,000 to $206,492.00  (Blasi/Joy 3-0, motion passed) Commissioner Joy requested that the account numbers and amounts be read into the minutes. (See above)

Maintenance needed to be completed on the generator located at Bull Hill. CFO Roy requested that the bill for maintenance be paid out of the RCC Equipment account G13012-60 with the understanding that the account will be reimbursed when TIF money is received.  Commissioner Joy asked if this will always be paid out of TIF funds or will it become a budgeted item? CFO Roy explained that there is money to pay out of TIF funds, or if budgeted, it will come out of UT or budgeted funds. Commissioner Joy felt that this is under maintenance and should be a budgeted item.  Commissioner Brown felt it should be paid out of a maintenance account in order to keep track of the expense. Commissioner Brown questioned if a capital account can be reimbursed with TIF funds?  CFO Roy stated two things could be done: use contingency funds from the UT and reestablish the contingency account once TIF money is received or take it out of the general fund and reimburse that.

Commissioner Joy would like to reimburse the capital account but set up a UT account and have the UT budget pick up the maintenance.   CFO Roy stated it could be paid next month out of UT funds as another option. Commissioner Joy would like to wait and pay for it out of UT funds in July.

2:04 p.m.

MOTION: to go into executive session under MRSA 405 6 (A) to discuss a personnel matter. (Joy/Brown 2-1, motion passed, Blasi abstained)

Commissioner Joy called the meeting back into regular session at 2:22 p.m. and stated that another executive session will be held on July first to continue the discussion.

2:23 p.m

MOTION: to adjourn. (Blasi/Joy 3-0, motion passed)



Kelley Tupper

Deputy County Clerk



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