November 7, 2014

Commission Chairman, Steven E. Joy called the meeting of the Hancock County Commissioners to order at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, November 7, 2014 in the conference room at the county courthouse located in Ellsworth Maine with Commissioners Brown and Blasi in attendance.

Commission Business:


MOTION: to approve the minutes of the October 7, 2014 commissioners' regular meeting. (Brown/Joy 2-0, motion passed)

Bid Opening-Courthouse Snow Removal:
R.F. Jordan: $42 plowing, $50 sanding (per hour)
K.J. Dugas: $55 plowing, $75 sanding (per hour)
Bids were turned over to the facilities director for review and recommendation.

Commissioner Joy stated that, in his opinion, the position of County Administrator was approved unanimously by the Budget Advisory Committee and it is included in the FY15 budget; he asked if there were any other questions about the proposed newspaper advertisement and job description or if there was anything else that someone wanted to discuss as he wanted to see the commissioners begin the process and be moving toward a January 1st start date.  Commissioner Blasi corrected Commissioner Joy and stated that the BAC vote was 5-1.  Upon further review, it was found that the preliminary votes were 5 in favor with 1 opposed, final votes were unanimous with a vote of 6-0 in favor.

MOTION: to hire a county administrator, to put an ad out to find a county administrator, so that we have a county administrator for 2015. (Joy/Brown 2-0-1, motion passed, Blasi abstained)  Discussion: Commissioner Brown stated that the position should be posted in-house for 10 days, this would not preclude an employee from applying after the 10-day posting period, while the position is still being advertised.  Resumes will be sent to the county clerk but will not be opened by the clerk.  Commissioner Joy questioned if the in-house candidates should be dealt with first, after further discussion he preferred to have as many qualified applications as possible; in house candidates will be included in the process.  Once resumes have been received, a decision will be made regarding how to proceed.  Advertisements will be placed on the MMA website, in the Ellsworth American and the Bangor Daily News.  A job posting with NACo will be investigated and the Portland Herald Press may be contacted.  Resumes and or applications will be due by December 5th and interviews will be conducted shortly thereafter.  The question of paying to bring in candidates will be discussed at a later date.  Commissioner Blasi stated that he was going to abstain from the vote because he was not sure that the position has been completely budgeted for, the commissioners have not yet had their budget workshop and finalized, he approved of the ad being placed.

Susan Starr, Selectperson for the Town of Trenton was on hand to answer questions regarding the Trenton MOU Letter.  Commissioner Brown stated that the commissioners were in agreement on the letter, Commissioner Blasi concurred.  Commissioner Joy, in giving background information, stated that the commissioners were in support of the project and that the commissioners have given money toward the endeavor, but the one thing that everyone has to be on board with is that for Trenton to have a seaplane ramp or float, is that it cannot jeopardize the county/airport's federal funds; he stated that the county commissioners are in agreement with what the town is doing but, no matter what and at no point is the county going to give up the one million dollars that the FAA gives us every year, for this project, adding that if at any point, if the FAA were to step in and say that this does not quite meet the letter of being for aeronautical use, just know that county support is probably going to go away.

Ms. Starr stated that she understood what Commissioner Joy was saying but what bothered her was that in every effort that Trenton has made the commissioners have been supportive but as soon as the FAA said that this has to be 100% aeronautical only, it seems that the airport and the county have total control and authority, at that point she verbalized that she wondered if there can be any added language that says that there is a cap on the amount of money that Trenton is expected to pay each year to support this, "can we put a cap in there that there a guarantee of so many hours a day that the pier can be used for boaters, is there any way at all that there can be something built into the MOU that Trenton knows, for years ahead, that they will be able to continue to use it, that it is not going to be expensive unending cost."  Commissioner Blasi stated that the highlighted sentence would allow for discussion.  Commissioner Joy referred to the 3rd paragraph of the document as he thought this was Trenton’s concern.  Commissioner Brown stated that originally, Trenton agreed to handle all maintenance and expenses.  Ms. Starr stated that they did, but without the ability to communicate or have a say, the county could hand them a bill; that is where they have a problem, they are totally at the mercy of the county and are required to pay what the county asks them to pay.  Commissioner Brown stated that we don’t have the legal authority, due to the FAA, to do this.

After further discussion Ms. Starr requested to have a discussion and input with regard to the MOU stating that Trenton wanted to have greater access for recreational boaters, access to businesses and industrial businesses and access for emergency activity to and from the island.  Commissioner Joy stated that the first three things are already in place.  Commissioner Joy stated that he understood that Ms. Starr has to answer to the Town of Trenton and the commissioners have to answer to the FAA and the citizens of the county.  The airport supports itself, just like she is not open for an open ended thing, neither are we.  Ms. Starr suggested a delegation of duties from the county to the town as long as it remains within the expectation of the FAA.  Commissioner Joy stated that in order to get the one million dollars a year, we have to do what the FAA requests; the FAA built the box and is not excited to think outside the box, by getting outside the box we jeopardize one million dollars.  Ms. Starr questioned how to move forward; Commissioner Joy stated that the Town of Trenton needs to see if they can insure the floats and that the FAA has been clear on what they can and cannot do.  Commissioner Joy stated that the fact that Trenton doesn’t like the MOU is on the FAA, his answer was no, there is no way to push this further and that the items that were removed from the MOU were removed because the FAA said that this is the way it will be done.  Manager Madeira stated that FAA Representative Tom Vick is willing to come up to discuss the situation if the commissioners are willing for him to do so.  Commissioner Joy stated that the commissioners are willing to meet with the FAA and the Town of Trenton but added that the MOU is from Tom Vick (the FAA) through the airport manager to the commissioners and Trenton.  Insurance of the pier will be looked into, Manager Madeira will speak with Tom Vick and a meeting will be scheduled for some time in January.

EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION: Officer Christopher Thornton was recognized for his 10 years of service to the citizens of Hancock County.  Commissioner Joy stated that the commissioners think that the Drug Task Force is doing a great job in keeping drugs off the street and thanked Officer Thornton for his service.

Discussion: Downeast Transportation – Commissioner Joy stated that the commissioners have made Fletchers Landing Township (FLT) part of the TIF and that transportation services are needed in order to help the inhabitants of FLT.  Paul Murphy, General Manager of Downeast Transportation was present to discuss the services that he provides.  Mr. Murphy stated that this would involve a commuter type service that may include school children and or workers heading toward Ellsworth and the island.  Currently a service is provided that carries children to the Bay School and George Stephens Academy, another service is provided for Jackson Lab employees with approximately 100 employees per ride.  School children and adults will be mixed because public transportation is open to the general public.  Acceptance of that mixture has been high with zero issues and zero complaints.  The Blue Hill services have been going for 7+ years.  Children range from kindergarten to high school seniors.  Downeast Transportation is constrained as to how far on school property they can go.  This will be a matter of cost and logistics.  They can pick people up anywhere although it is not a good idea to go house to house because it gets expensive at $65 per hour.  The model in place meets at City Hall and takes riders from there.  Delivering younger children was discussed; they are dropped off at the closest point to the building that is not on school property.  Commissioner Blasi questioned what exactly the commissioners were thinking about.  Commissioner Joy stated that there is a need in FLT to deliver children to school as they are riding school busses for long hours.

The 2015 airport and county budget workshops were scheduled for December 12, 2014 at 9:00 a.m.


Commissioner Blasi stated that the 2013 General Fund Audit Report has not been received and inquired as to its status.  "We were told it would be received by the end of last month."  CFO Roy stated that he would be happy to report on it when he discussed the jail and UT audit.  Commissioner Blasi also asked "what is the John Hamer $7,000 that you mentioned in a report to the commissioners."  CFO Roy stated that he never mentioned a $7,000 payment from John Hamer; they had been discussing the 7K Exemption for part-time employees and questioned if that is what Commissioner Blasi was referring to.  Commissioner Blasi replied, "it could be."  CFO Roy stated that he would rather not talk about that in open session.

CFO Roy stated that the Stop Loss has been hit in the General Fund; percentage wise, spending in the General Fund should be at 83% and we are in the black countywide.  Commissioner Blasi questioned if health insurance has been looked at compared to last year.  CFO Roy responded yes, it is not alarming right now, but we have to be very understanding of what is going on at the jail and everyone has to be conscious of our health insurance; revenue from employee contributions help to offset the cost.  Commissioner Blasi questioned if inmate medical has been compared to last year’s totals, the response was yes, inmate medical is doing fine, the assistant jail administrator, Frank Shepard is on top of that and is doing a really good job.

Regarding the AR – Account 166 FAA, $500,000+ was received yesterday.  CFO Roy stated that everything else is in line, the MDOT does not pay until the end of the project and there are some municipalities that have not yet paid their town taxes; they have 30 days to pay before interest starts accruing.  A letter will be sent out next week reminding them that payment is due.  #168 BHB&T, the SO is still working on this with BHB&T, it was for a detail that the Sheriff’s Office provided and they are still awaiting payment; according to CFO Roy, this has been billed several times, he was unaware of any dispute regarding the payment.

MOTION: to approve October expenditures in the health insurance account in the amount of $161,853.21. (Blasi/Joy 3-0, motion passed) Discussion: YTD there have been $80, 223.03 in payments from the prior year.  We are still going to be under our budgeted amount but CFO Roy voiced his concern regarding funding for the next fiscal year.

MOTION: to approve a request for expenditure from capital reserve account G1-3011-00 in the amount of $2,275, for concrete pour of the Andrew Peters House handicap ramp. (Blasi/Joy 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to approve a request for expenditure from capital reserve account G1-3011-01 in the amount of $9,525, for the purchase of a Dell Custom Server, a Data Exchange Server and 20 MS Exchange 2013 User CAL's. (Brown/Blasi 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to approve a request for expenditure from capital reserve account G2-3030-20 in the amount of $741.99, for AIP 37 HTA invoice #53491, Local Share Only. (Brown/Joy 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to approve a request for expenditure from capital reserve account G2-3010-90 in the amount of $11,975.25 to Franklin Paint, invoice #130520 for the purchase of a Line Striper Machine, pointer guide, v-belt and Type III beads. (Joy/Blasi 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to approve a request for expenditure from capital reserve account G1-3011-00 in the amount of $2,250, for a concrete pad for the county dumpster. (Joy/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to approve a request for expenditure from capital reserve account G1-3011-00 in the amount of $27,480, as the first installment of the Andrew Peters House heating system replacement. (Joy/Blasi 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to approve a request for expenditure from capital reserve account G1-3012-10 in the amount of $7,559, for the purchase of a copier for the Registry of Deeds. (Blasi/Joy 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to approve a request for expenditure from capital reserve account G1-3011-00 in the amount of $11,641, as the final payment of the propane conversion project. (Brown/Blasi 3-0, motion passed) Discussion: the check has already been sent.  Commissioner Brown stated that the recent issue with the propane is on Sullivan & Merritt and will be fixed at no cost; he stated that the check should not have been released until the latest problem has been resolved.  Director Walls stated that the problem has been addressed.  Commissioner Brown explained the expansion of propane liquid in conjunction with a standing pilot which ignited the liquid in the evaporator caused quite a ruckus last week.  Propane currently costs $1.37 per gallon.

CFO Roy stated that the UT and Jail Audits are in the commissioners boxes and the General Fund Audit, AIA 133 and Airport Audit have been received electronically and he is expecting the hard copies at any time.  CFO Roy stated that the Principal who started the audit, Greg Chabot, has left Runyon Kersteen and Ouellette (RKO) and is now at RHR Smith.  RKO Auditor Kathy Tyson redid the audits as her name is associated with the work.  Ms. Tyson will be invited to the December meeting in order to make audit presentations.

CFO Roy stated that TIF Funds have arrived from the State in the amount of $392,616.89 of which $274,831.82 went back to First Wind which leaves a balance of $117,785.07; the reason for the increase over last year is two fold 1) the mil-rate is a little higher and 2) Emera Maine's infrastructure was 100% operational this year.  Community Benefit Funds arrived yesterday in the amount of $200,001 and have been placed in the revenue account; the remaining balance will need to be moved into a lapsing account at the end of the year.  The current balance in the Community Benefit account is $241,559.  TIF Funds are shown under Fund 7 of the Jail/UT revenue report, if you look under expenses under Fund 7, you will see where the $274,831.82 was distributed. Commissioner Blasi questioned if the Special Fund Reserve Report, also known as the Capital Reserve Monthly Report, was available today.  CFO Roy distributed the report as requested by Commissioner Blasi but it did not include the TIF or Community Benefit Funds that were previously discussed, as they were received yesterday afternoon.

CFO Roy requested a decision regarding the dormant Sheriff's Employee fund.  Commissioner Joy suggested that the new sheriff look into this prior to taking office but cautioned that he cannot act on it until once in office.  Commissioner Brown stated that Sheriff Clark reminded the commissioners during the previous discussion, that they could not give orders to sheriff’s employees, the only employee listed on the account that is not a sheriff’s employee is Steve McFarland.  Issuance of 1099’s to the employees responsible for the funds, was suggested.

MOTION: to October General Fund and Airport Payroll Warrants #14-39, #14-40, #14-41, #14-42 and #14-43 in the aggregate amount of $260,201.19. (Joy/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to approve October General Fund and Airport and Expense Warrants #14-44, #14-45, #14-46 and #14-47 in the aggregate of $1,335,419.37. (Joy/Blasi 3-0, motion passed) Discussion: Commissioner Blasi stated “that’s a lot of money.”

MOTION: to approve October Jail and UT Fund Payroll Warrants #15-13, #15-14, #15-15, #15-16 and #15-17 in the aggregate of $121,703.70. (Blasi/Joy 3-0, motion passed)

10:28 a.m.: Break
10:38 a.m.: Back in Session

MOTION: to approve October Jail and UT Fund Expense Warrants #15-14, #15-15, #15-16 and #15-17 in the aggregate of $542,520.80. (Joy/Brown 3-0, motion passed)


Steve Collins of Acadia Air Tours signed Amendment 1 of his Operating Lease in February 2011.  The amendment primarily addressed the leasing of additional land adjacent to his hangar for the purpose of installing a fuel tank which is used solely for self-fueling of his operation.  In addition, Parcel 1 of the lease amendment increased from 16,138 sq ft. to 26,154 sq ft.  In August 2011, Mr. Collins was advised that the expanded Parcel 1 has wetland areas and that he could not build there.  Mr. Collins is seeking to obtain a credit with the Airport for land that he has been paying for since April 2011 that is not usable to him.  The amount of the calculated credit through October 2014, is $6,118.  Mr. Collins is also seeking a lease amendment to reduce the land area of his Parcel 1 back to the original size of 16,138 sq ft.  Mr. Collins gave a brief overview of the original intended potential of his business and the growth which it has experienced stating that Acadia Air Tours is #2 on Trip Advisor.  Commissioner Joy questioned the square footage that Mr. Collins requested to return or if he wanted to remain at the previous square footage.  Mr. Collins stated that he would like to build a building and grow his business, he requested a credit for the wetlands and will get back to the airport manager with his options.  Commissioner Blasi questioned if he was suggesting reducing the size of the parcel.  Mr. Collins will keep the fuel tank area but not the proposed parking area.  Manager Madeira clarified where the business is located by presenting map illustrations to the commissioners.  Commissioner Brown stated that when the property was leased, they did not know it was a wetland therefore Mr. Collins cannot do what was originally intended.  Mr. Collins stated that he intended to add in-flight photography which would increase the potential of the business to make approximately $750,000 annually.  Mr. Collins recognized that it has taken two years to make the request stating that it took a long time for the former airport manager to get the MDOT out to check out the property and that his daughter had been sick, due to those two factors, the issue was put on his back burner.  Mr. Collins and Manager Madeira are now working together to provide a solution.  Commissioner Brown questioned if there were any set-backs for the wetland.  Several years ago the set-back was 300 ft, but that is no longer the case; Commissioner Joy stated that you can now build right next to wetlands.  Manager Madeira was unaware of any setbacks.  Commissioner Joy questioned if Mr. Collins approached the former airport manager about leasing the land.  Mr. Collins stated that the former airport manager suggested leasing the property without knowledge that the area was considered wetlands.  Commissioner Brown requested an opportunity to look at the lease prior to making a decision.  Commissioner Joy stated that he was agreeable to giving the land back to the airport and not owing anything going forward, but was unsure of issuing the credit/refund, Commissioner Blasi agreed.  Mr. Collins stated that he sees this as a long term partnership and understood that the commissioners needed to do their due diligence.  Acadia Air Tours would like to continue work on the airport and has turned the business into a viable business.

MOTION: that Parcel 1, Exhibit A of the lease should be adjusted back to the original 15,138 sq. ft. (Joy/Blasi 3-0, motion passed) Discussion: Commissioner Blasi questioned if he should pay an adjusted amount based on the total square footage.  Commissioner Joy stated that the payment would revert back to the original amount as it is based on a set dollar amount per square foot.


Commissioner Joy requested a copy of the changes that are made to job descriptions in order to compare them in the future.  Commissioner Blasi requested a definition of IA/PA, Individual Assistance and Public Assistance.  He questioned if the department has budgeted for the deputy's certifications; Director Sankey stated that they are of no cost, but he is looking for an individual who already posses the qualifications.  Commissioner Joy questioned the educations/certification requirements.  He questioned “is required” asking if the person would be required to have the credentialing prior to hire or be expected to obtain the credentials within 6 months.  He suggested changing the job description to allow for the potential employee to obtain certification in a reasonable amount of time.  Commissioner Blasi questioned what type of license was required to "drive the rig."  A regular Class C drivers license is required.  Commissioner Brown questioned in what scenario anyone would apply for this job and not have the basic required certifications.  He stated that if they don’t have the credentials prior to applying for the job, he wouldn’t hire them.  Commissioner Blasi questioned the State requirement for the 2nd bullet.  EMA Director Sankey stated that he put the 6 month deadline because it shows their dedication to the job and the profession.

MOTION: with the changes, to accept the Hancock County Emergency Management Deputy Director/Planner Job Description. (Joy/Brown 3-0, motion passed) Discussion: Commissioner Blasi questioned if the language in B-8 could be a little stronger, "each requires a varying level of attention," he was wondering if that could make the candidate feel that they have to pay attention to this any more than “may require." Director Sankey stated that, in his opinion, it was a factual statement.

Commissioner Brown questioned the job/responsibilities of local emergency managers with regard to the recent storm.  Many local fire chiefs are also local emergency managers; this is of substantial help to the County Emergency Management Director.  Warming centers, downed trees and power outages were all touched upon.  According to Director Sankey, getting individuals to shelters and communications is a real problem in an emergency situation.  Training of local EMA’s and government officials is the responsibility of the County EMA Director; the hiring of the Deputy Director/Planner will assist with this.  Commissioner Brown suggested contacting Selectmen directly for training.  Director Sankey preferred to work with the local EMA and then go to the Selectmen.  Commissioner Blasi stated that the deputy should be directed to focus on local Emergency Management issues from the beginning.  Commissioner Joy suggested that we should be working on a 5-year plan to cut the trees, not just cut them back.  The wood could be free to the homeowner or passersby.  Some trees are on personal property and cannot be cut, he suggested being pro active not reactive.  Director Sankey stated that an MOU with Emera Maine has been established as of last week, therefore our processes and communications is improving.

The following bids were received for the sale of two jail transport vans:

Elsa Trenholm #41 - $658
Joe Paradise #41 $800
Jerry Blackburn #41- $307
Jerry Blackburn #69 - $407
Ann Paradise for the 2006 - $1,000

Commissioner Joy stated that the bids seemed low and suggested having someone sell them wholesale by taking them to auction.  Bids were turned over to the jail administrator for review and discussion with the sheriff and he was asked to return with a recommendation.  Commissioner Blasi questioned when the last van was sold; attendees did not know.

MOTION: to remove administratively from the employment rolls, part-time cooks Alexandria Averill and Edward Leighton and part-time corrections officer Nathaniel Jordan. (Joy/Blasi 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to promote part-time CO Raymond Mitchell of Bucksport to temporary full-time, effective December 1, 2014 at the rate of $13.50 per hour, sick and holiday benefit included. (Joy/Brown  the motion was postponed until later in the day) Discussion: the reason for the temporary promotion was that someone is going out on medical leave for approximately 6 weeks.  CFO Roy stated that beginning January 1st, health insurance qualifications will need to be monitored on a 30 day basis.  Commissioner Brown stated that at some point, we may be unable to hire temporary full-time employees.

MOTION: to award the FY14/15 Courthouse Snow Removal Contract to RF Jordan in the amount of $42per hour for plowing and $50 per hour for sanding and to allow the chairman to sign the agreement. (Brown/Blasi 3-0, motion passed) Discussion: RF Jordan plowed the other day as Dugas did not respond to the Facilities Director's call.

It has been approximately two months since the Facilities Director has had inmate help; Director Walls stated that he preferred not to have female helpers from here on out and instead requested to have, in lieu of inmate help, another part-time position.  It was explained that the priority for inmate help is kitchen staff, laundry and then outside help.  Inmates on 48-hour hold cannot be trustees at this time, home confinement or work release inmates may be available after the first of the year for courthouse facilities work.  A program will be starting on January 1st, for pre-trial people, that may help with the problem.  Commissioner Joy stated that the drug court will have a residence soon and may be able to help out as well; he suggested having the soccer club or school kids come out for a community service work day although liability may be an issue with volunteer labor.  Director Walls stated that part-time has been budgeted for a couple days a week for 2015 and there are funds left in 2014 that could be utilized.

12:07: Break for lunch
12:36: Back from lunch

Supervisor Billings stated that Randy Perry was sent a new contract for snow removal for Townships #22 & #28; it has been signed by all parties.

Harland Williamson of Time Warner may meet with the commissioners on December 12th to discuss Broadband for Fletchers Landing Township (FLT).  The City Manager has previously expressed a desire to partner with the county on this endeavor, First Student has been contacted regarding transportation needs in Fletchers Landing Township.  TIF funds have been received; approximately $50,000 has been committed as reimbursement back to the county.  Nothing has been heard regarding the Hancock Wind Project.  The tower height appeal has not been heard as of this date.  There has been no resolve regarding the FLT school children bus issue.  Transportation is included in the Bull Hill TIF.  Commissioner Blasi questioned who would post the GIS Library link on the county website.  Commissioner Joy questioned if this would cover just the UT or all the towns.  Once GIS is 100% complete, it can be easily linked to the county website in its entirety.

Director Wellman distributed an EMD call report and Radio Frequency (RF) Propagation Maps.  Issues related to the recent snow storm were touched upon and phone service is still down in the Brooklin area.  Director Wellman read her monthly report aloud to the commissioners.  She explained that when looking at the Propagation Studies, the top map contained out going information and the bottom map contained incoming information.  Red/orange = good coverage.  The studies are based on 100 watts going out and 40 watts coming in.  Commissioner Blasi questioned why we are focusing on Mt. Waldo.  Director Wellman stated that Mt. Waldo seemed to give the best coverage; Mt. Waldo using a Sinclair SD214R Antenna showed the best results.  Director Wellman recommended moving forward on Mt. Waldo with a directional antenna at a cost of $400 per month and a $2,000 initial structural cost; the Brooksville tower was much more expensive.  The Waldo site is 20 ft up the tower and still has a frequency on the tower.  The tower was new in 1998 and is AT&T owned.  $400 per month is a reasonable amount to pay for this service.  The generator and building will be provided.  Carl Croft was the professional who provided the information at a cost of $1,200.  Director Wellman requested to move forward with an RFP to get the radio equipment for Mt. Waldo using the directional antenna.  Commissioner Joy suggested requesting a 60 day space reservation on the tower.  The estimated cost of the equipment and installation is approximately $100,000, $50,000 would be paid back to the RCC account from the TIF and budgeted funds would be included.  CFO Roy brought up the cash flow situation and warned the commissioners about spending the money.  Commissioner Joy clarified the amount of capital funds; a discussion followed regarding when funds are received and how they are applied.  CFO Roy stated that the county is run from January to September 1st on funds that are set aside as capital.  CFO Roy explained the use of county funds.  Commissioner Brown stated that Castine, Deer Isle and the western part of the county still had problems.  If it is 100 watts going out, it should be 100 watts coming back in.  Commissioner Joy stated that we are in the exploratory stage and he was not writing checks to anyone yet.  Director Wellman stated that for the western part of the county, this is our best option.  Topography is an issue for the Cadillac Mt. Tower with regards to its reach to Deer Isle / Stonington.  Commissioner Brown wanted to be certain that where ever the tower is placed, we have maximum coverage.  CFO Roy inquired as to why repeaters were not being used in the vehicles as they are less expensive.  Commissioner Joy suggested using one in a car in Deer Isle/Stonington to see if it works; Director Wellman said that she could try it and that the cruisers have boosters. CFO Roy stated that if an officer had a handheld, it does not have enough boost to send the signal.  Commissioner Joy wanted to know what tower may be used; Director Wellman will speak with the sheriff elect to see if the repeater will work. CFO Roy stated that there are grants available for this type of purchase.

Commissioner Joy stated that he was in the RCC the other day during the snow event; he stated that the dispatchers did a great job and handled it well and that he did not realize how crazy it could be adding that it was good that Megan Kelley stayed beyond her shift and that David Brady was very helpful.

Acadia Benefits Health Insurance Presentation: Scott McKee of Acadia Benefits presented the commissioners with a health insurance plan review and options for the coming year.  The packet is available in the commissioners’ office for review.

2:12 p.m.
MOTION: to enter into executive session under MRSA Title 1 §405 6(a) to discuss a personnel matter. (Blasi/Joy 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Joy called the meeting back into regular session at 2:25 p.m. and called for a motion.

MOTION: to renew with Meritain and HCC for the 2015 year as our health provider. (Joy/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to enter into Executive Session under MRSA Title 1 §405 6(e), to consult with the attorney concerning the legal rights and duties of the body (Joy/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Joy called the meeting back into regular session at 3:52 p.m. with nothing to report.

MOTION: to promote part-time CO Raymond Mitchell of Bucksport to the position of temporary full-time corrections officer, effective December 1, 2014 at the rate of $13.50 per hour, sick and holiday benefit included. (Joy/Brown 3-0, motion passed)


3:54 p.m.
MOTION: to enter into executive session under MRSA Title 1 §405 6D to discuss a union negotiation, attendees included Commissioners Blasi, Joy and Brown, Jail Administrator Richardson,  CFO Roy and Clerk DePrenger. (Joy/Blasi 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Joy called the meeting back into regular session at 4:20  and requested a motion.

MOTION: to make the change to the Hancock County Work Schedule and how the shifts are listed and agree to pay Sgt. Richardson the 12 hours of pay. (Joy/Brown 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Blasi requested a copy of the General Audit Management Letter.  CFO Roy distributed the Management Letter, as requested.

MOTION: to adjourn. (Joy/Brown 3-0, motion passed)


C. DePrenger
County Clerk

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