November 19, 2014

Commission Chairman, Steven E. Joy called the meeting of the Hancock County Commissioners to order at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 in the conference room at the county courthouse in Ellsworth Maine with Commissioner Blasi in attendance.

Commission Business:

The commissioners discussed the following proposed language:

These elected officials: County Commissioners, Judge of Probate and Treasurer, assuming office on or after January 1, 2015 will be eligible to receive paid single subscriber health insurance only, or a single subscriber buy-out/buy-down, upon proof of outside coverage.

These elected officials: Register of Probate, Register of Deeds and Sheriff, assuming office on or after January 1, 2015 will be eligible to receive up to a family plan at contribution rates set by the county commissioners or a qualifying buy-out/buy-down, upon proof of outside coverage.

Commissioner Joy stated that we have differentiated between elected officials, he stated that believes what is presently correct is that the commissioners qualify for a single subscriber plan, the probate judge presently has a family plan but it may be changed to a single subscriber plan, and the treasurer qualifies for outside insurance and has not been offered health insurance.  The next question is, if one of the elected officials filling one of these positions would like to have a family policy, would that be allowed?  Would the elected official pay the difference or will the county?

Commissioner Joy stated that the second paragraph is current practice in written form.  Commissioner Joy stated that the proposal is for discussion, at this time, but may be voted on at the December 2nd meeting.  Commissioner Blasi stated that he was okay with the commissioners and judge of probate receiving a single subscriber plan or health insurance buy-out.  Commissioner Joy stated that in trying to treat everyone equally, the treasurer who he feels has not been treated equally, would also be offered a single subscriber plan, a buy-out or for the county to pay for her current insurance.  Commissioner Joy stated that the word “only” was intended to emphasize "for a single plan only;" if the elected official wanted to add family member(s), it needs to be decided if the employee or the county will pay the difference.  The treasurer’s health insurance status was discussed; it was unknown what type of insurance she currently has but, an offer to pay for her current health insurance could be discussed.  Commissioner Blasi suggested asking Scott McKee of Acadia Benefits if the current language would allow for the county to pay for the treasurers paid single subscriber plan.  Commissioner Blasi stated if the word “only” were removed, it would allow the employee to purchase an extended plan above a single subscriber plan.  Commissioner Joy agreed with Commissioner Blasi's statement.


MOTION: to approve the request to hire Joyce Worden of Ellsworth as a part-time administrative assistant for the HCRCC at the pay rate of $12.00/hr with no benefits. (Joy/Blasi 2-0, motion passed) Discussion: This is a 16 hour per week position.  This position would not include QA work. This has been discussed with the employee, she has not said no but it was unsure if she would be interested in doing QA work.  Between three staff members, QA is getting done.  Commissioner Joy questioned if a part-time employee could be scheduled for a certain day per week.  Director Wellman stated yes, if the full-time employees are still working.  Full-time employees must be called if there is a vacancy.

MOTION: to adjourn. (Blasi/Joy 2-0, motion passed)

Informational Meeting:

Commissioner Chairman, Steven E. Joy called the Informational Meeting on the proposed 2015 County Budget, in conjunction with the Budget Advisory Committee, to order at 6:00 p.m. with Commissioner Blasi and BAC Members Kathleen Billings-Pezaris and Ray Jones in attendance.  Other attendees included Dave Mylan and Jim Fisher, Clerk DePrenger and Deputy County Clerk Tupper.  Commissioner Joy read MRSA Title 30-A ss.764 and stated the following information:

Total Expenditures:                           $7,401,886
Total Revenues:                     $2,063,327 (this amount includes $290,000 in transfers)
Amt. to be raised by taxation:            $5,338,559
Increase over the FY14 budget:          $178,275
Percentage increase over FY14:           3.45%

Commissioner Joy stated that the Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) passed the budget by a vote of 6 to zero.  Although all BAC members were not present for final vote, the BAC did have a quorum; Chairman Jones and Commissioner Blasi agreed to this statement.  The commissioners will meet on December 12, 2014 to finalize the FY15 County Budget.  The public was urged to attend.  BAC Chairman Ray Jones stated that at the end of their last meeting, the commissioners stated that they would apply more revenues, if found.  Commissioner Joy stated that the real estate market is doing well therefore the Registry of Deeds may bring in more revenue.  He went on to say that the campus has been converted to propane and we are seeing great savings due to that transition.  Wind funds have been received and still could be committed to the FY15 budget as a revenue source.  Some of the TIF Funds are committed, but they are not included in this budget.  Chairman Jones stated that the BAC members concurred with the commissioners for a possible 2% increase; Commissioner Joy stated that normally, the commissioners’ final budget is less than the BAC amount to be raised by taxation adding that spending may be frozen on December 12th in order to figure out exactly what funds are available to apply to the budget.  Attendees were invited to attend the December 12th Budget Workshop.  BAC Members were thanked for their service and made aware of the commissioner’s appreciation for the job they do.

Commissioner Joy stated that the commissioner has a goal of helping towns with their needs.  Resumes are being received for the position of County Administrator.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:14 p.m.


C. DePrenger
County Clerk

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