Commission Chairman, Steven E. Joy called the meeting of the Hancock County Commissioners to order at 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 13, 2016 in the conference room of the county courthouse located in Ellsworth, Maine with Commissioners Blasi & Brown in attendance. 


MOTION: to approve the hire of Thomas Canavan of Harrington, ME as a full time ARFF employee, step 8B $14.41 per hour effective April 14, 2016. (Brown/Joy 3-0, motion passed). Discussion: the new advertisement did not produce any further applicants. This is the same individual who was previously chosen for this position. 

MOTION: to approve the purchase of a 1985 Oshkosh P-19 ARFF Fire Truck through General Services Administration along with the service work needed. To approve the over spending of Account E40-10-410 to fill the truck with chemicals. (Brown/Joy 3-0, motion passed). Discussion:  Manager Madeira stated this older truck is in excellent shape and only requires a few minor details to be serviced (new batteries, tire repair) and it can be driven to Maine from Burlington, VT. It would be very beneficial to have as a backup fire truck and would be a great training vehicle. Commissioner Brown was concerned about Airport personnel driving to VT and transporting it back to Maine. He was asking about interstate regulations and any special licenses or permits needed. Manager Madeira said that he would check with the State of Maine to see if this poses any problems. Commissioner Joy asked about the service work that needs to be done before the trip. Manager Madeira said the two 8DMHD batteries will be purchased here and taken to VT along with the O-ring needed to repair the tire. Hopefully, a local service station can do the tire repair while in VT. Commissioner Joy asked if the Air National Guard had verified the condition and service history of the truck- yes, Manager Madeira stated they have purchased a newer truck. Commissioner Blasi asked about insurance coverage and it will not change the current premium. 

MOTION: to approve out of state travel to send personnel to retrieve the firetruck (Brown/Joy) 3-0, motion approved 

Regarding the Morris Yacht waiver, Commissioner Brown asked if this document had been reviewed by the attorney- no, Manager Madeira had not had time. Commissioner Brown was concerned that we will become the second lien holder after the Bank if something goes wrong with the lease and Morris Yachts did not pay the rent. Manager Madeira said there is “real property” and “personal property” involved and our lease of the building is “real property”. After 90 days of not paying rent, we could also acquire the “personal property”. Commissioner Brown asked the opinion of Commissioner Joy in regards to the non-payment of rent and what could happen to Morris Yacht’s personal property. Commissioner Joy stated this waiver is just an assignment of the personal property and it has nothing to do with the real property we rent to Morris Yachts. Commissioner Joy was not opposed to signing the waiver but he would like to have our attorney review it to ask his opinion of this document before it is signed. Manager Madeira will contact Rudman Winchell for their opinion. Commissioner Brown asked about the hazardous materials; have we ever checked out who would be responsible for a cleanup if the lease was cancelled due to non-payment. For further contracts with Morris Yachts, maybe a clause should be addressed. Commissioner Brown stated that any legal fees we incur should be paid by Morris Yachts. Commissioner Joy would like Rudman Winchell to review the waiver and our current contract to ensure it covers the cleanup aspect. Commissioner Brown would like to be assured we are the 1st lien holder and that a DEP cleanup issue written as a new section of the current contract.  No action was taken. 


MOTION: to approve the hire of Scott Adkins of Charleston, ME as the County Administrator with a contract compensation of $75,000 per annum effective May 16, 2016. (Brown/Blasi 3-0, motion passed).  Discussion: Commissioner Blasi requested a background check on Mr. Adkins. Commissioner Joy stated that Mr. Adkins will try to come into the office part time to get things settled before he comes to work in May. Commissioner Joy will meet with him Friday to set up a schedule.  His contract is similar to the first County Administrator’s in that it contains a “no cause” clause. Commissioner Blasi also asked if there will be a press release for the paper and Commissioner Joy stated he had already contacted a local radio station as it was announced Monday morning. Commissioner Brown seemed very pleased with their choice and is hoping with his Penobscot County experience, Mr. Adkins will be an asset to Hancock County. 

MOTION: to adjourn at 4:48pm (Blasi/Brown 3-0, motion passed) 

Respectfully submitted, 

Pamela J. Linscott
Financial Assistant/Clerk

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