Commission Chairman, Steven Joy, called the Special Meeting of the Hancock County Commissioners to order at 8:02 am on Monday, September 26, 2016 in the conference room of the county courthouse located in Ellsworth Maine with Commissioners Brown and Blasi in attendance. 

CA Adkins stated the first page has been altered and the $400,000 has been taken away with a new cap of $6,899,692 

Commission Business:

Commissioners Budget Workshop- The following proposed budgets will be discussed:

Sheriff – 10                       Proposed Revenues: $16,700         Proposed Expenditures: $1,315,344

The revenue is down by $1500 for “Misc Income” because of fewer requests (it was increased during 15/16). Commissioner Brown asked if the vehicle sales are listed here (no, it is in the Capital account, as in the past) – so, where should it go? Commissioner Joy said it should stay there but Commissioner Brown wants it listed as actual revenue as it will reduce the taxation amount. Commissioner Joy asked if there should have a separate line and he also, what is the anticipated amount for vehicle sales next year. Sheriff Kane said that amount is figured into his vehicle expenses. Commissioner Joy wants $2400 listed on the revenue side and the account # can be written in later. Comm Joy asked CA Adkins to add a “comment line” to his worksheets that the Departments can describe why line items are changing. The “Special OT” line is from the MDEA taskforce and “Computer” line is due to that we overseer the Spillman computer and but we allow other Hancock County agencies to use our system with a cost per use.

In the expenditures: All the employees are at 1.5% COLA. The detective line is for Steve McFarland to come over from the DAs office and the other full time detective. Comm Brown noticed that the DA’s budget has not decreased by the same $ amount but Sheriff Kane said that position was only 32hrs per week and the Sheriff’s position is 42hrs per week plus the other Fulltime detective (Ben Astbury) who is due an increase as well. Comm Joy would like to have an updated current R/E report from TRIO as we go thru these budget items. CA Adkins printed and distributed the reports to the Commissioners. Commissioner Joy is questioning the “CBO” line item at only $20,000 for the next year. Comm Joy would like “CBO” changed to $22,000.

Commissioner Brown as what is driving the Workers Comp premium to be so high? There is a 16.27% increase over the same line item last year. CA Adkins said there are many small claims that add up to large dollar amounts for claims paid. Commissioner Joy asked if there is anything that can be done within each Department to stop these sort of claims. The retirement account is climbing every year (currently at 9.5%) and maybe at some point, the Commission should think about how much the County can afford to pay for the employee benefits. Commissioner Blasi suggested that at the Maine County Commissioner’s Board Meeting on Friday 9/30, this topic could be discussed. The travel expenses are going up due to more out of state training travel. Commissioner Joy asked if $10,000 for “Training” was enough and Sheriff Kane said yes, it was. Commissioner Brown asked what the $1,500 increase for public safety for and Sheriff Kane said mainly for the hood that is used for protection against hazardous chemicals at crime scenes. Commissioner Joy would like to see the “gasoline” line decreased to $45,000 as at this point in time (in 2016), that is where we will be at the end of the year. Comm Brown agreed that $45,000 was a better number than $50,000. Comm Blasi thought $50,000 was a fair estimate for the upcoming year.

MOTION: to decrease the line item for gasoline to $45,000 (Joy/Brown, 2-1 motion passed.)

Discussion: Sheriff Kane is not comfortable with the decrease.

“Vehicle maintenance” expenses will be the same as this year (which we will overspend this year due to upgrades for the winter). New tires will be purchased for all the vehicles. As long as we can keep our part time mechanic, this account will not be overspent as much as it could be.

“Equipment” includes laptops, vehicle cameras, and anything else that goes into a new vehicle. Sheriff Kane stated that the initial cost for bodycams and storage of the data is very costly. It is not something that we (Hancock County) are looking into pursuing.

Under “vehicles”, the $80,000 is for replacing 2 vehicles next year. Commissioner Joy asked when are we going to use the Town Contract money to purchase a vehicle? Sheriff Kane said when there is enough money in that reserve account, they will. Sheriff Kane stated what needs to be replaced this year is two of the Town Contract vehicles along with two regular fleet vehicles. The Sheriff Dept. reserve will be used along with this expense account.

The “fire arm reserve” account is saved for replacing pistols and vests. Sheriff Kane wants to get into a rotating schedule so that only half of each are replaced every other year.

MOTION: to change vehicle reserve to $70,000 (Brown/Joy 3-0, motion passed).

Town Contracts - 12        Proposed Revenues: $280,391         Proposed Expenditures: $262,757

On the Revenues: the amount for Swans Island health has been moved into the Swans Island Contract line as it is fully paid for by the Town Contract (and not separated). Commissioner Blasi asked why there was an increase. Did Swans Island not pays us the full amount of his salary & health insurance? Sheriff Kane answered yes, we have added in the health insurance but we have taken out the employee contribution amount.  Sheriff Kane will adjust the revenue amount as it is not correct at this time.

Under the expenditures, there are three employees at this time compared to two before, plus the $100 stipend that has been approved by the Commissioners for Rob Morang.

Commissioner Joy stated that Town Contracts does not affect our taxation as the revenue and expenses should balance out with enough money left over for buying a new vehicle every 4 years. Sheriff Kane stated this is correct as at this time, there is about $13,000 set aside.

Civil - 13                Proposed Revenues: $115,000          Proposed Expenditures: $105,581

In the Revenues:  Commissioner Brown asked why is there a $7,000 decrease from 2 years ago- it was adjusted last year and it is feasible again for the next year.

In the Expenditures: Sheriff Kane is hoping to get a part time civil process secretary and the OT line is for the One-day postings that must be posted publically and the client is billed for those postings. At this time, Richard Bishop and Michelle Cote are doing the paperwork with Paul McPhail as the Manager of this Dept. Commissioner Brown asked who is performing these duties and are they being paid from this account. Sheriff Kane responded that Michelle Cote is doing the paperwork and no, she is not paid from this account which is why there is a pay increase in the Sheriff Department salary line. Commissioner Brown is unsure why the $13,000 amount for Admin Assist. isn’t in the Sheriff’s (Dept10) budget. Sheriff Kane has not filled that position, although he was authorized to advertise for it- he wants it left open in case he needs it. Commissioner Joy would not be in favor of changing that figure to back to $0. Commissioner Brown does not have a number to suggest. Commissioner Blasi wants to know if and when Michelle Cote and Richard Bishop are used as Civil employees, is their salaries being posted to the Civil accounts. No, they are not. 

Drug Task Force - 46      Proposed Revenues: $168,784          Proposed Expenditures: $303,644

Commissioner Brown asked what caused the increase in revenues. Sheriff Kane said it was from taking the MDI position out. The state reimburses us, they pay the difference in pay raises- we’re getting more revenue, we’ll see it on the expense side. Commissioner Brown wanted to know why there is such a big increase on the expense side. Sheriff Kane referred to salaries and the canine. A special agent with single insurance was replaced by someone who had family insurance, a much higher cost. The State agreed to fund an additional position here in Hancock County. We are reimbursed by the State for MDEA Supervisor, and 2 drug agents, which are the most expensive. Commissioner Brown wanted to know why there is an increase in 46-01-136. Sheriff Kane stated that some of the pay increases were astronomical, 18% in some situations. Commissioner Joy and Commissioner Brown questioned the Sheriff’s explanation and numbers, Sheriff Kane said it’s a partnership between the County and the State, but it is based on State wages. Michelle Cote said in 2016 we paid for 1 supervisor and 1 agent. Cote said in 2016 you will have 3 officers there. Increased for next year- Michelle will request for reimbursement from the State. Commissioner Brown asked if we have to pay State wages for our agents, and how long have we been doing that? Sheriff Kane stated yes, since day 1. Commissioner Brown stated that although he is all for drug enforcement, he is unhappy with the State “being a big brother to us again” – the state is leaving us (the taxpayers) holding the bag. This was Hancock County’s drug task force, now its Hancock-Washington MDEA, now State tells us how much we’re going to pay. CA Adkins asked if all 3 officers are reimbursed the difference. Sheriff Kane replied that the Supervisor is fully reimbursed, and then we’re reimbursed for an agent. CA Adkins asked if we were fully reimbursed or received the difference. Sheriff Kane stated we were reimbursed the difference and that we now have an added position that the State is fully funding. Commissioner Brown said we’re still paying $78,000 more, and that’s what we should be getting from them. CA Adkins wanted to know if the revenue numbers were correct. Commissioner Joy said that we’ve gone from 40,000 in 2015 to 130,000 this year. This seems to be growing and he’s trying to find out where. Commissioner Brown said the other thing is the canine- is MDEA going to reimburse this too? Sheriff Kane said no. Sheriff Kane stated that his plan was to take some of the forfeitures that are pending and apply that as revenue. Commissioner Joy stated that if it’s muddy to us, it’s muddy to everybody. Sheriff Kane asked to look over the numbers again.

Jail – 11                             Proposed Revenues: $                    Proposed Expenditures: $1,721,972

Commissioner Joy said starting with the revenue, we have an increase of 25,000, so we did not use the 3%?  Jail Administrator Richardson said no, that was the number he was given to use. CA Adkins said the cap number is the only thing that affects taxation. JA Richardson said right now the inmate population is down, so 15000/month is a safe figure for us. Last year we ended $90,000 to the good. Sheriff Kane spoke to federal inmates providing revenue- other counties are looking for that too. Somerset County may be looking for a contractual agreement for more federal inmate revenue, so there may be less for other counties. Commissioner Joy asked if anyone had any thoughts on the $90,000, JA Richardson said he was certain we could meet that standard. Commissioner Blasi asked if JA Richardson had pulled in $193,036 so far this year. JA Richardson said yes. What are federal entitlements? JA Administrator said we get reimbursements for Social Security checks, a set fee of $200/ inmate. Commissioner Joy asked about the other jail revenue. The home revenue refers to the bracelets. JA Richardson said the Misc. involved things like some restitution for damages in the jail. Commissioner Blasi stated that he agreed with the home figure. Commissioner Joy wanted to know- what is the thought going forward regarding the BOC investment fund? Sheriff Kane said we know the Governor’s stance- if you want the jail back, you fund them- nothing new. Commissioner Joy asked if we are using that number because this is the second year and the funding is there. Sheriff Kane said that is correct. Commissioner Joy said we’re looking for more funds for the second part of the year. Sheriff Kane said we are looking for a minimum of that. Commissioner Joy said I would tell you that the 374,851 is a suspect number, the supplemental is not a good number for the next 6 months. Sheriff Kane said they are basing this off what we got this year. The 300,000 we get a year is solid, the extra supplemental is good for half year.

Expense side: Commissioner Brown asked if the wages reflect increases. JA Richardson said we actually see a decrease because some of the higher paid employees are getting done and we are replacing them with lower paid employees. Commissioner Joy asked what is the 746,889- JA Richardson said it was how much it will cost to put another person on- this is more or less a wish list budget- all the wages steps are in the increase. Commissioner Joy said he was assuming the increase in wages are 1 ½% and step. JA Richardson said yes. 

At this point a break was taken.

MOTION: To enter into Executive Session under MRSA Title 1 §405 6(a). (Brown/Blasi   3-0, motion passed).

Commissioner Joy returned to regular session with nothing to report.

Looks to be basically the same, looks like the Corrections Officer and Transportation Officer are down a little bit. Employee medical is the same. JA Richardson asked if that was the number the Commission wanted him to set. Commissioner Joy said that number should be as close to accurate as possible.

Commissioner Blasi asked JA Richardson if he was establishing the position of transportation officer. JA Richardson said no. Commissioner Blasi would like him to remove “and Trans. Officer” from the account title, so the advisors realize that is not a position that is being established.

Commissioner Joy said the whole process is moot as far as he’s concerned, other than the 3%, which he believes will be lifted. We insure our employees- we use it if we have to go to court. Old system is gone as far as he is concerned. The only thing we have to find is the 25,000 on the health care. Didn’t enjoy having the shortfall for last year, he doesn’t think we need to now- however we’re going to do it, we should try to balance this budget. JA Richardson asked State what to do to balance the budget, their reply was to use DOC. He thinks these are actual expenditures.

Commissioner Joy said the other thing we can do is leave it at 375 and that will be a balanced budget- CA Adkins said that would be his recommendation.

Commissioner Brown said he needed to say the union negotiations for the jail aren’t completed yet and that may be something different than what we put in the budget.

Commissioner Blasi said gas and propane- he’s been trying to get this whittled down. Why do we have to continue with the 60/40 matrix? Commissioner Brown said if it’s a true operation of the jail, you leave it in there. CA Adkins said if later on there was a gap that needed to be covered, aside from the supplemental there’s nothing saying you can’t reverse some expenditures to account for a balanced budget. Commissioner Blasi said he would bring the propane down to 25, unless it’s too pinching. Sheriff Kane said there’s a lot that we could move to the general fund, but we should show as close as we can, and he wouldn’t cut anything out of it. Commissioner Blasi thought that auditing was a big jump. JA Richardson said more auditing is required, he requested that money in case we need to have it this year.

EMA - 02                      Proposed Revenues: $98,100               Proposed Expenditures: $191,340

Commissioner Joy asked EMA Director Sankey to take us through the changes, starting with expenses. Deputy Manager is different than the year before. EMA Director Sankey said other than that we are flat. Copier maintenance shows an increase due to the cost of the contract. The bottom line is 181,340. Commissioner Brown asked about the new Deputy Manager-why the increase? EMA Director Sankey stated that the previous deputy was hired as part time, and the new position is full time exempt. EMA Director Sankey said both he and his deputy are exempt- how do we fund that and how do we meet that shortfall? Commissioner Brown asked if we could make him an hourly employee. CA Adkins said yes, that would be the only way to answer that. Commissioner Joy said – he would like to see, if there’s a disaster, if you work 3 20 hour days, then you would get OT. He said you have to deal with that in a management way. Sankey said we can’t schedule our emergencies. He said this is more about him than the deputy position with respect to on call coverage- when you have no mechanism for compensating for on-call. The nature of the position is exempt. It’s doable, but long term?? Commissioner Brown said if you added 7 or 8 thousand to the budget for OT it’s the same amount. If you have it and you don’t use it, it’s there. It would save a considerable amount of money to have him draw OT until he got to the point where he was over the bracket. EMA Sankey said he was just trying to think out the process- considering nights, weekends- it remains unworkable. Commissioner Joy said there is no OT figured in your budget, so you’d have to figure out how to do it- he doesn’t want unbudgeted OT that eats up another part of the budget. CA Adkins suggested looking at something in the middle. What if we look at funding for coverage every other week or just the weekend? Commissioner Joy said this is not a problem that he wants to solve now. He wanted CA Adkins and EMA Director Sankey to work it out. CA Adkins said he doesn’t see 2 exempt positions in EMA, but admitted that he didn’t work there. Commissioner Joy said we’re not going to solve this in a budget meeting. EMA Director Sankey asked if we would schedule an executive session at some point to discuss it. Commissioner Joy said that it would be done publicly. It was important to know how this affects all employees in Hancock County. EMA Director Sankey said he didn’t see stipend position as workable model for EMA. He doesn’t think that’s a viable means to satisfy this. Commissioner Joy said this was not for this day or budget, unless you want to put something in the OT line. Revenue: we receive 50% back of what we actually spend. Commissioner Blasi asked if this was received quarterly. EMA Director Sankey said we have been lately receiving it monthly. Commissioner Blasi said my question is with the timing. Commissioner Blasi asked about storage space. EMA Director Sankey said we don’t pay for storage, so there is no line for storage.

Break for Lunch 12:00 PM. Back from lunch 12:30 PM

Maintenance – 06          Proposed Revenues: $64,810             Proposed Expenditures: $428,127

Revenue side: Commissioner Blasi had questions about the court lease- he thought we were trying to increase our lease. Facilities Director Walls said yes, the MOU will be updated, but it needs to be approved on the judicial side. Commissioner Joy asked why it would go down from the 2016 number. Walls said 2016 was overstated from the figure they actually used, a projected increase that never occurred. Commissioner Joy asked if this is the accurate number for 2017. CA Adkins and Walls both said yes. Commissioner Brown asked - why are we budgeting less in 2017 if we have an increase. Walls said that we budgeted this amount but we didn’t receive that in 2016. So this year when we look at the actual figure that we’ve come to an understanding on, this is the figure. Commissioner Blasi asked is the extra half hour that they’re here factored in. Walls said that that is the leverage that we used to get them back to the old mark.

Expenses: An employee left and we hired a new person at a lower wage. With another employee leaving his replacement will bring in lower wage. Using same wage factor for everybody. The new number is in worker’s compensation. New number attached to FICA, etc. Commissioner Brown questioned training- still have $350 left and you want to raise it $1,000. Walls said he would like to provide IT training. We would still have to pay Sierra $2,000. We would be shooting for hardware certification. Walls said any outfit looking to save money is doing this. The more knowledge we have in-house would be a big savings. He believes the Maintenance dept can add some value to the County. UMA, classes in Bangor and Husson has classes in Ellsworth. Commissioner Blasi commented that the electricity line looks good. Commissioner Joy mentioned that the motion detectors to make sure lights go off are a great idea- it all helps. Walls- if we could make a move to LED lighting in the future- would save on light bill. The Courthouse by far the most antiquated of our systems. Heating/cooling- we’re held hostage by transmission and delivery charges. Commissioner Joy asked if the heating fuel is propane. Walls said yes. Commissioner Joy said he would like to make the suggestion to move the heating fuel to 30,000. Commissioner Blasi disagreed.  Commissioner Brown thinks we’re safe with 30,000. Commissioner Blasi wanted to know what the idea behind the windfall in utilities was. Walls said to prepare for worst case scenario, but to save us money if things go right. Blasi questioned the line, found it was line 15-150, and agrees. Commissioner Brown asked if that is what the reserve account is for? Walls- you’ve asked me in the past to budget for these, so that’s what I did. Commissioner Joy asked if we get Efficiency Maine credits on replacing old equipment? Walls said we would have to make proposal in January, then have site visit- savings is 120/ton. I save more from buying direct than going through a wholesale vendor and getting money from Efficiency Maine. Commissioner Joy questioned accounts 20-300 and 20-350 - are there projects left to use that money? Walls said yes, I’ve got the end of this annex project, flooring. And carpets in the courtroom and superior court judge chambers. Commissioner Blasi wanted to know if we were still receiving regular reimbursements for maintenance from the jail. Walls said yes- the transfer is under Misc. revenues. When Maintenance works in another dept it doesn’t show as revenue for maintenance. Treasurer Eldridge said the recent one from the jail did. Walls was told in the past it doesn’t happen that way. Commissioner Joy said he should get at least what he budgets. Commissioner Brown asked about the 5 year plan, he would like it ready for the BAC. He also said in the past couple of years we have been drawing out of the capital account for a lot of things. Commissioner Brown would like Walls to take this budget go back and look to see if there’s anything you’ll need for money from that capital account. Commissioner Brown said you keep using money out of the capital reserve acct, and you should put enough money in that account every year to replace what you’ve taken out. You’re going to have to put money back into that this year. Walls said one of these projects he has looked at is the granite retaining wall and steps and it’s going to need some work. Retaining wall off jail yard is also deteriorating. He would like to see a controlled access system, including access to all of our doors and time cards as well, cost is approx. $150,000. Walls said Time Trak is a pretty antiquated system. Commissioner Blasi suggested bringing the building line 20-300 up to $20,000.  He said if you raise this amount each budget cycle, is there any harm to that? Commissioner Brown said that was the point he raised about adding money to the capital account. If we put the money in capital improvement accts we can designate it. Commissioner Blasi asked if there was any support on raising the building line to 20,000. Commissioner Joy said that he was not jumping on it. Walls said we should pick projects and put money in reserve accts ahead of time. Commissioner Joy said if you’re going in front of BAC show what we have done in 5 year plan. We’re aware of it- they may not be.

Airport – 40                 Proposed Revenues: $702,902            Proposed Expenditures: $748,484

 Revenues: Manager Madeira highlighted some changes in the revenues, including employee uniforms, a change related to the sign, and the AARF fee. R-40-201is a new account this year.  Landing fees are built into this budget. This budget assumes the Commission will approve an additional employee. The car rental increase is based on historic numbers and revenue- we get a percentage of the rental car profits. TSA- capping hours. Questions on revenue- none.

Expenses- 1.5% increases for employees. The employee acting in lead AARF would like to go back to maintenance only. The other change is to change the way we cover staffing. The 7 day/week schedule has never done in the winter, but is required in summer per FAA regulation. If we condense schedule there are a lot of times when there’s air traffic there but no one there from the county. Madeira says this is a liability, someone needs to make sure sidewalks and streets are ok. An additional employee is necessary. Madeira explained that all AARF employees do maintenance. The travel line has not been enough for AARF training. Madeira then talked about the budgeting for medical evaluations and the office line (computers need to be replaced). The airport needs a vac truck for storm water prevention plan. Madeira discussed the need for signage and pavement marking. He would like to see 2 years between paint jobs, FAA inspector may determine otherwise. Madeira said gas was chopped by 1000- they are not using as much. Diesel the same. Madeira explained about chemical- ideally he’d like to have it so each fire truck is full in the bay. He budgets to refill nitrogen bottles a couple times a year.  Heat line is down 4,000, and the vehicle acct is cut by 1500. IT is up slightly. Maint equip cut by 1800. Water testing is a new account. Madeira said the budget is now 45,582 in the red, we could avoid that if we don’t hire. Madeira expressed the need to talk about capital planning in another meeting and what is/is not eligible. Commissioner Brown asked what was in undesignated funds. Madeira answered - about a million dollars. Commissioner Brown asked Madeira if that was usable money, Madeira said yes. Commissioner Joy asked, what is the plan for breaking even? Madeira said he didn’t have a good answer at the moment. Long term, he is hopeful that we see growth in the revenue number to cover that gap. Staying certified is difficult to stay even. Moving away from certification would be less expensive, but then we cannot provide the level of air service. Commissioner Joy thought maybe we should look at not being certified or closing this gap, and that we need an analysis. Madeira said he presented the budget to the airport advisory committee last week and they did approve it.

RCC – 07          Proposed Revenues: $105,105                        Proposed Expenditures: $699,271

Commissioner Blasi asked about the increased cost to date of the Ellsworth labor. RCC Director Wellman said it was based on cost projection sheet- she hasn’t gone further than that. Everyone’s working harder (doing more work) for the same rate. There was some discussion about transcript revenue. Commissioner Joy suggested putting 200 or less in both the expense and revenue lines for that. Commissioner Joy asked about a contract number with the Ellsworth project- where that is on the revenue side. Wellman said there’s no definitive going forward so it didn’t go in the budget. Commissioner Joy said that should be in the budget. Commissioner Blasi agreed. There was some discussion about potential municipalities joining, and how that would appear in the budget. Commissioner Joy suggested a footnote, simply saying we are negotiating with Ellsworth. Commissioner Brown suggested the footnote say we have an MOU with Ellsworth to provide night dispatch for 6 months.

Expense side: Wellman explained the increase is the 1.5 plus steps. The OT is an increase because of the steps and contractual negotiations. Wellman said she tries to rotate PC’s out as much as she can. Service contracts went down due to the cost of tower on Mt. Waldo. Commissioner Brown suggested a breakdown under service contracts for clarity. Wellman explained the 35,000 in the account 70-100 will be spent on equipment for Mt. Waldo.

Registry of Probate – 08       Proposed Revenues: $132,500   Proposed Expenditures: $201,201

Revenues: There was some discussion on the filling fees. Register of Probate Coughlin explained   the new law, that we’re losing adoptions, guardianship of minors; the logistics are so new all probate clerks are having trouble with it. Courts are not able to communicate due to confidentiality.  Commissioner Brown proposed the following changes: 08-100 87,500 and 08-101 13,000. Commissioners Blasi and Joy agreed.

Expenses: Commissioner Brown asked what the legal fees are. Coughlin explained some of them are visitor’s fees, guardian ad litem for incapacitated people. Commissioners Joy and Blasi would like to see it at 7,000. There was more discussion about what legal fees are represented for the coming year. Commissioner Brown questioned what was included in the travel. Coughlin said included was travel 7 times a year to registrar’s meetings. No meals, she only charges for mileage. She explained the judge’s trip is included in that. He has 2 trips a year, one we pay for, one the judge’s association pays for.

Registry of Deeds – 09    Proposed Revenues: $711,700         Proposed Expenditures: $272,215

Revenues: Register of Deeds Julie Curtis explained about beginning the budget work in July. At this point she is below her budget projections, but there’s a sale pending in the UT. Commissioner Joy asked about what the fees are? Curtis explained they are recording fees for documents and fees that we charge for passports. There was some discussion about copy fees, Curtis thinks they should be bringing in more. Commissioner Brown questioned the retirement increasing across the board. He also commented on the Worker’s Comp increase. CA Adkins said they were looking into that.

District Attorney – 03     Proposed Revenues: $33,000           Proposed Expenditures: $337,722

Revenue side: Terri Campbell represented the DA’s office and reported we were getting the same grant amount this year as last.

Expenses: Commissioner Blasi asked about reparations board training. There was some discussion about what the Reparations Board entailed.  Commissioner Brown said if the State is mandating this board they should fund it. Commissioner Joy asked the $1200 is for training for who? Commissioner Joy said he would like to have DA’s input. Commissioner Brown expressed that this is taxpayers’ money, and if the State mandates it, the State should pay for it. Commissioner Joy said if it keeps someone out of our jail, then $1,000 is low. He said he just didn’t understand it enough, and he’d like to talk about it some more. Campbell highlighted some of the personnel changes their office would like to see. Commissioner Joy asked how many employees they have in their office this year, and how many they would like next year. Campbell said 6 this year, and they would like to have 6 next year, but one of those would be fulltime in 2017. There was more discussion about how this affects other lines. Commissioner Joy said he was ok with moving Annaliese to legal Sec 1, then take the 20 to 29. Commissioner Brown questioned the increase in office supplies. Campbell said it was up due to paper. Commissioner Joy said he would like to take printing 30-100 to 500 and transcripts 30-305 to 1,000 and 40-107 district court fees to 3,000. Commissioners Brown and Blasi agreed.

County Commissioners - 04       Proposed Revenues: $0         Proposed Expenditures: $290,296

There was some discussion about the reserve transfer for a computer which was not purchased.

Expenses: There was discussion on what is represented in each line, and how it would appear to the BAC. CA Adkins discussed the clerical support that is needed, and what he would like to see happen. He thinks it’s a part time position, and would work under him, working with Rebekah, him, and Janice. Commissioner Brown said in the capital accounts we have enough to buy computers and pay for professional services. Discussion followed about making the accounts and transfers clear to the BAC. The following changes were proposed: 01-130 to 21,101/20-100 to 30,000/30-200 to 13,000/70-100 to 1,200.

Third Party Donations – 17                                                       Proposed Expenditures $168,900

Commissioner Brown said his thoughts are flat fund these. Commissioner Joy said if WHCA wanted, they can talk to the BAC. Commissioner Brown said he doesn’t want Hancock County taxpayer’s money to go to Washington County. Commissioner Brown suggested they take no action on WHCA. Commissioner Blasi commented that he was abstaining from this conversation, because the process should have been opened up, and he would like to see Community Benefit Funds used. Commissioner Brown asked where you are going to get the money to pay for RCC and other projects. He said it’s going to come from the CB funds, and we are not in the business of social services. There was some discussion about the application process. There was not a consensus of at least 2 Commissioners to add WHCA.

MOTION: To not increase the 3rd party (Joy, Brown, 2-0, Blasi abstains)

Health Insurance - 20      Proposed Revenues: $122,503       Proposed Expenditures: $1,028,970

Commissioner Joy asked what we are going to do with the 75,000. Brown proposed to take 75,000, move it to lockbox, the 90,000 in the capital account, bring that back to replace the 75,000, then use it as undesignated funds somewhere. Discussion on this continued. The Commission was ok with leaving it the same for the time being. Treasurer Eldridge spoke about billing for the airplane excise tax.

County Reserve Funds – 30                                                       Proposed Expenditures: $39,000

Commissioner Brown questioned the building reserve, that he’d like to leave that right now, but later he’d like to see 100,000 going in there. He anticipates that amount in expenses this year. Commissioner Joy suggested as the jail bond is paid that will free up some money.  

Treasurer’s Office – 05       Proposed Revenues: $41,000        Proposed Expenditures: $130,483

Treasurer Eldridge reported we were will getting .9% interest, and there was some discussion about the sweep accounts, and the interest has been collected year to date.

Commissioner Brown questioned 01-130. CA Adkins explained this is a 1.5% increase, and a step increase. Commissioner Joy questioned the rationale for the increase. CA Adkins explained the rationale and the increase. Commissioner Joy expressed that he didn’t want to treat employees differently. Commissioner Blasi asked about what the policy says regarding step increases. Commissioner Joy said perhaps with a different job description things might be different. Commissioner Blasi expressed that he would like to follow the policy- if the dept manager comes in with a request, he would consider it. Commissioner Brown said if we do this for one person, the same argument could be made from every dept head in this building. There are a lot of people in this building who deserve merit raises, but we operate on the step system. The discussion moved to Worker’s comp and the TimeTrak increases. Commissioner Brown asked about the figure budgeted for the audit, and if we’re going to go out to bid again this year.   

Communications - 14                                                                   Proposed Expenditures: $48,000

There was some discussion about the decrease in cell phones- is it phones or reimbursement? CA Adkins said it was both. Commissioner Brown expressed that the amount for cell phones purchased seems like a lot. He asked what was included.  CA Adkins said that includes the phones that the county has that are issued to employees and the $50 reimbursements. CA Adkins said it’s been like that for 5 years. Commissioner Brown said one of the previous Administrator’s projects was monitoring cell phone use for the county, maybe CA Adkins could look at that. Commissioner Joy suggested rather than do an audit, once a year call US Cellular and ask if they can do better.

Debt Service – 16                                                                        Proposed Expenditures: $328,500

No Discussion.

MOTION: to adjourn. (Brown/Joy 3-0, motion passed) 

Respectfully submitted,

Rebekah Knowlton
Executive Asst. to the County Administrator

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