Audio recordings of the meeting are available upon request

Commission Chairman Steven E. Joy called the meeting of the Hancock County Commissioners to order at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 4, 2016 in the conference room at the County courthouse in Ellsworth, Maine with Commissioners Brown and Blasi in attendance.

Commissioner Joy presented a 10 year certificate & pin to Corrections Officer Ryan Haines. The Sheriff also presented a Life Saving Award to Deputy Dana Austin and Valor Certificates to Deputy Shane Campbell and Officer Troy Bires of the EPD. The following was read by Sheriff Scott Kane:

 On August 23, 2016, Deputy Dana Austin was working a patrol shift for the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office and was in the Ellsworth area. Deputy Austin heard radio communications from the Ellsworth Police Department that officers were responding to a location on the Bucksport Road for a possible heroin overdose. Deputy Austin arrived at about the same time as Sgt. Glenn Moshier and Officer Shawn Merchant. As the officers entered the residence, they located a male who was checked by Deputy Austin and he determined that the male did not have a pulse. Deputy Austin was instructed to start CPR on the male, which he did, as Sgt. Moshier administered a dose of Narcan to the male. A second dose of Narcan was administered by Moshier as Austin monitored the condition of the male. The male began to be responsive from the second dose and the officers were able to speak to him. County Ambulance soon arrived and a third dose of Narcan was administered to the male who was eventually transported to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital. In recognition of Deputy Dana Austin’s actions, he is being awarded the “Life Saving” Award for a selfless act with the saving of a life. Congratulations Deputy Austin.

 On September 7, 2016, Special Agent Shane Campbell and Special Agent Troy Bires at the request of another agency were conducting an investigation into a possible theft of drugs by an employee. At approximately 0700 hours, the suspect of the investigation was spotted leaving his place of employment and walking to his vehicle. The agents approached the suspect and identified themselves as MDEA special agents. Campbell advised the male, who is approximately 6’5” tall and weighing approximately 450 lbs that he needed to speak to him about missing pills. Campbell attempted to stop the suspect, but due to his size, was not able to fully control the suspect. Campbell jumped on the suspect’s back, who now had access to the front seat of his vehicle where he was able to grab a pistol from inside. Campbell advised Biers of the gun and continued to struggle with the male who now was trying to point the gun at himself. Special Agent Bires then grabbed the suspect by the gun hand and was able to push the magazine release on the pistol causing the magazine to drop from the gun. The suspect then surrendered and complied with the agents. For the act of bravery displayed by both agents, I present to Special Agent Shane Campbell and Special Agent Troy Bires the Medal of Valor for being a distinguishing symbol of courage and strength of mind in the face of danger to protect life. Congratulations Agents Campbell and Bires.

 All three Commissioners thanked the Jail, Sheriff’s Department and City of Ellsworth employees for their service and dedication to the people of Hancock County.

 Adjustments to the agenda: under Sheriff 3(i) Video Visitation at the Jail

 MOTION: to approve the additions to the agenda (Brown/Blasi, 3-0, motion passed)

 Commission Business:

 Old Business:

MOTION: to approve the minutes from the September 13, 2016 Commissioners Regular Meeting and the September 29, 2016 Commissioner’s Special Meeting (Brown/Blasi 3-0, motion passed).


Discussion from Public Comments: None

 Discussion on the subject of Commissioner Emblems (badges): Commissioner Blasi stated that when a quote and design proposal is received, there is $100 in account #04-10-600 that could be applied to new badges. Commissioner Brown stated that we do have a design, and he wants to keep that design. Commissioner Blasi thought a pin would be less expensive. As the vendor that provided the badges in the past is no longer in business, Commissioner Joy asked Executive Assistant Rebekah Knowlton to follow up with Jail Administrator Richardson and Sheriff Kane about the vendor they use.


 MOTION: to remove from the County payroll records Roger Smith, David Rea and Hunter Corson effective October 4, 2016 (Brown, Blasi 3-0, motion passed).       

MOTION: to approve the expenditure of accounts E11-02-40-4009 $1,784.49, E11-02-41-4102 $1,000, E11-02-46-4614 $1,000, and E11-024-48-4801 $500 in the total amount of $4,284.49 to cover the cost purchase of tasers for the Jail. (Brown, Joy   3-0, motion passed).

Discussion: Commissioners Brown and Joy questioned the need to bring the request to the Commissioners if the accounts were not being overspent. Richardson explained that these accounts were originally dedicated for other purposes. Sheriff Kane and JA Richardson indicated that this was for tasers, with training implements included. Commissioner Blasi asked if there was enough left in those accounts for continued operation. JA Richardson said yes.

MOTION: to hire Noah Lewey of Bangor, ME and Marcus Quiles of Hancock, ME as part time corrections officers at $12.00 per hour with no benefits, not to exceed 29 hours per week effective October 1, 2016 (Brown/ Blasi 3-0, motion passed).

 Discussion: Commissioner Brown asked if they had training. JA Richardson indicated no, not yet.

MOTION: to promote Richard Bronson of Bangor, ME to temporary full time corrections officer at $13.50 per hour with sick & comp time benefits effective October 1, 2016 (Brown/Blasi 3-0, motion passed).

MOTION: to promote Michael Butters of Ellsworth, ME to full time corrections officer at the rate of $14.84 per hour with full benefits effective October 1, 2016 (Brown/ Blasi 3-0, motion passed).

Discussion on the possibility of hiring a transport officer for the Jail:

JA Richardson said he would like to try this on a trial basis- temporary full time, Monday- Friday, to verify that we do need another officer. He would need a couple months to verify that the hours are there and that it is a position we do need. Commissioner Brown asked if there was a transport officer in the union contract. Richardson indicated yes, but that he would like to have a utility position- so the employee could be used as needed.

Commissioner Joy asked if this would add a position to the jail. JA Richardson said yes, if we feel that it is beneficial to the jail we would ask for a permanent position. Sheriff Kane said that we need flexibility in this position, so that the JA and his assistant won’t need to be out of the jail. JA Richardson said that this gets us above the State mandate. Sheriff Kane said if the position in the contract is not being filled, we should consider removing it from the contract. Commissioner Joy questioned whether this is something that we should notify the union about- that we would like to remove this position from the contract, and that there are steps we need to take. Commissioner Blasi asked for clarification on the removal of a transport officer. Sheriff Kane said he didn’t see us filling that transport position, that another corrections officer would be more flexible. Commissioner Joy said he would ask the 2 Sheriff, the JA, Rebekah, and CA Adkins to talk to the union find out where they are mentally on this. CA Adkins said there is a feeling of a high level of cooperation in order to make something like this happen and that we have a great opportunity here to make things better. Commissioner Joy questioned how we would pay for this, and that we would like to hear from union. JA Richardson said they could use this person as a floater to pay for shifts and stay within our budget.

Discussion on the request to overspend account E-20-005 for vehicle repairs:

 Sheriff Kane reported that this was for the purchasing of new tires. Since there was no invoice or quote yet, therefore nothing yet to overspend, Commissioner Brown said to go ahead with the tires, and that he recommends not entering a motion now. Sheriff Kane recalled his request at this point and offered to bring a quote to the next meeting.

Discussion on video visitation in the jail: JA Richardson said he was asking permission to move forward to gain a proposal to bring to the Commission. He said there will be no cost to the county. Sheriff Kane said the money that we get back from the company will go into the inmate benefit account. This eliminates contact, aiding in keeping drugs out of the jail. Commissioner Blasi asked if there were any provisions regarding direct contact. Commissioner Joy encouraged JA Richardson to explore the concept. Commissioner Blasi asked if there would still be an officer that accompanies the inmate when this is going on. JA Richardson said no- it was recorded live. Sheriff Kane said using this we can actually expand visiting hours, and that it is an effective way to handle visitations. 

Chair Joy recognized Rosemary Kulow and Lauren Haven, representing the Maine County Commissioners Association, and thanked them for attending the meeting.

MOTION: to go into Executive Session under MRSA Title 1 §405 6(a), to discuss a personnel issue (Brown/ Blasi 3-0, motion passed).

JA Richardson, CA Adkins, Exec. Asst. Knowlton, Sheriff Kane and the Commissioners went into Executive Session.

Sheriff Kane read a letter of resignation from Crystal Hobbs, dated September 22, 2016, addressed to Captain Tim Richardson.

MOTION: To accept the resignation of Crystal Hobbs effective October 4, 2016 (Brown/Blasi  3-0, motion passed).


Commissioner Blasi asked for more detail on the RCC reports.

RCC Director Wellman reported on the Spillman user’s group, that they are working well together. Commissioner Blasi asked who is on the County wide oversight. Wellman answered the Sheriff’s Dept. is in charge of it, and there is a representative from each agency. She reported that they are working well together in the user’s group. Commissioner Blasi asked for Director Wellman to discuss dispatch training of new hires. Wellman said they have a training book they go by. The new hires go to EMD School, she has her new hire in training 40 hours on the job, and her part timers have the same process. Commissioner Brown asked how Ellsworth dispatch was going. Wellman reported it was going well, with some minor bumps. She said they are losing a dispatcher who has been there for 30 years, and that Ellsworth has hired a new dispatcher, and they are still advertising. Commissioner Brown said he noticed in the Bucksport Enterprise that Maine Maritime Academy is negotiating with Bucksport/Verso mill. Wellman said that since she has been here there has not been a better relationship with Hancock County RCC and stand- alone agencies, she works with them on a regular basis and has a good rapport.  Commissioner Brown said he would like to have the County Administrator meet with the Bucksport Town Manager to let her know we’re moving ahead, and it’s going to be better in the next few years. Wellman reported that she spoke with the Bucksport Town Manager about the RCC and gave her all the information. Commissioner Brown said that he had also spoken with her. Commissioner Joy stated that we need 2-3 months under our belt with the Ellsworth program. He said there has to be some decision on our part that we want to move forward. He would like us to be ready so we can say “here’s how we’re doing it with Ellsworth, this is how we’ll do it with you.”  There was some discussion about the proposals that the County has received. Commissioner Brown said he does know there are a lot of specs involved, we went through this before when we talked about moving. Wellman said she has initiated the leasing discussed at the previous meeting, she has contacted Brown’s told them they tentatively have the bid, but we needed to get the lease agreement in place. Commissioner Joy questioned what stage the lease agreement was at. Wellman said the equipment lists were being put together; they want that as part of the addendum. CA Adkins asked about the expansion project- he said the ads have been out for awhile, do we want to send them out again or work on an RFP. Commissioner Blasi said he didn’t think we should spend any more advertising money. Commissioner Joy said he would like to see the RFP developed.  CA Adkins said it would be a sensible next step. Commissioner Joy said we would use the language to accept or reject all bids. Commissioner Brown said there may be other options, maybe lease/buy or something like that. Wellman reported that she would be at Husson College for career day.

Treasurer’s Office:

MOTION: to approve the September General Fund and Airport payroll Warrants #16-34, #16-35, #16-36, #16-37 and #16-38 in the aggregate amount of $270,928.25 (Blasi/Brown    3-0, motion passed). 

MOTION: to approve the September General Fund and Airport expense Warrants #16-35, #16-36, #16-37, and #16-38 in the aggregate amount of $473,815.42. (Blasi/Brown 3-0, motion passed).

MOTION: to approve the September Jail and UT payroll Warrants #16-34, #16-35, #16-36, #16-37 and #16-38 in the aggregate of $111,428.43. (Blasi/Brown 3-0, motion passed).

MOTION: to approve the Jail and UT expense Warrants #16-18, #17-5, #16-19 and #17-6 in the aggregate amount of $95,969.67. (Blasi/ Brown 3-0, motion passed).

Discussion of the financial reports and update on AR:

Commissioner Brown questioned where the $25,000 in undesignated funds from 2014 was. Treasurer Eldridge said she would check. CA Adkins said unless you’ve designated it to go somewhere it’s sitting in the undesignated number, that’s where everything washes to at the end of the year unless you tell it not to- Account 1-3051-00. Commissioner Brown asked what happened to the $1,500 downstairs from the Sheriff’s money. He said this was money from soda machines. It was drawn from an account and placed in a safe downstairs- has it made its way to the treasurer’s office. It was mentioned that it may have been in the form of gift certificates.

There was some discussion about the current fund balance, the CBF that weren’t transferred, and moving the $75000 into the health account, and that the Commissioners were going to wait for the report from the audit. Commissioner Blasi asked the Treasurer about AR #178. She said that was the remaining airport excise tax. Commissioner Blasi remarked that the revenues have increased noticeably for that excise tax, and thanked the Treasurer.

Commissioner Brown said that he would like to see some sort of index for the capital reserve funds, to identify them, and determine what should be in those accounts. Commissioner Blasi suggested that we establish a footnote table. Commissioner Brown thought an index would be fine. He said going forward you may have new Commissioners in here that may not know. Commissioner Joy referenced the CBF and reduced taxes; those are listed as a reserve, but are committed to the 2016 budget, which makes that misleading. He said those funds are not available to be spent. Commissioner Joy said it looks like you have these funds to use for different things, but $400,000 is committed to the 2016 budget. He said whether we spend it is another thing, but these funds are not available for anything else. Commissioner Blasi asked at what point do you want to do something about the 400,000- the transfer. Commissioner Brown said December 15, when we commit the budget. Commissioner Joy said having some surplus in the health insurance account would be good. There was some discussion about what was dedicated to the health insurance account in the past. Commissioner Brown said what he had proposed was taking the 75,000 and put it in a lockbox, and using part of the 90,000 for undesignated funds. Commissioner Joy said there is 59,000 that is undesignated in those 2 lines, the other 400,000 is in this year’s budget. CA Adkins asked if the Commission wants this on the spreadsheet, he said he would recommend taking it off completely because the numbers will not correlate. Commissioner Blasi said he agreed, when other people look at it, like the advisors, it’s unclear what it looks like to them. Commissioner Brown said you can leave it where it is, as long as we understand. Commissioner Joy said he liked CA Adkins idea, to show that CB to reduce taxes should be 400,000, and the Community Benefit Fund should be 59,000. CA Adkins asked for clarification regarding the will of the Commission and how these lines should appear. Commissioner Brown said the BAC has no control over these funds. It isn’t up to the BAC to decided how we use CBF- it is solely under the Commissioners purview, the commissioners are the only ones who can move money in capital accounts.

Motion: Make line 3-3025-05 $400,000 and make 3-3025-00 $59,466 (Joy, Blasi 3-0 motion passed)

MOTION: to approve the September expenditures in the health insurance account in the amount of $148,197.68. (Brown, Blasi 3-0, motion passed).

Treasurer Eldridge reported on the Machias Savings Bank balances. Commissioner Blasi asked about the health care account, Eldridge said it was increasing due to interest and there may be a few bills that haven’t come out of that. Commissioner Blasi asked about whether the UT sweep contained unused TIF revenues. Eldridge said it did. 

MOTION: to approve the expenditure of $34,982.00 from Capital Reserve Account#      G1-3011-00 for the final payment on the roof job (Blasi/Brown 3-0, motion passed) Discussion: Commissioner Joy pointed out the note on invoice that says extra work will be billed at a future date.

Discussion of the response from Nicki Pellenz at MSB:

Treasurer Eldridge said right now we have 21 bank accounts, and that includes 4 sweeps. Commissioner Blasi asked why we were not able to retain the sweeps and have all the deposits covered? He said he was interested in as much coverage as possible. CA Adkins said we’re covered either way, this just simplifies it. Commissioner Brown asked why he should be uncomfortable with the way it is. CA Adkins said you shouldn’t be. Commissioner Joy said he was fine with the insurance coverage, but he questioned the interest. He would like to have more conversation about the interest, and he questioned what our agreement was before. CA Adkins said he could ask her what the previous agreement was; he said Pellenz said there would be no extra cost to the County, the interest rate would not change, and she went to lengths to make sure we are covered.

Discussion on the Entity Authorization (2nd check signer) from MSB: Treasurer Eldridge reported that Rebekah Knowlton is now a second signer for Machias Savings Bank. The Commissioners thanked her for the update.


Director Dennis Walls reported they were wrapping up the roof job and preparing for the seasonal change. Commissioner Joy asked about another bill coming for roof. Walls said some of the work that was to be included in the contract was billed in that, and that he sent it back.  Walls reported on some cross ventilation problems that were addressed with the roof, he had them move to the backside and provide ventilation all the way through. The contractor and the manufacturer were satisfied with the ventilation, and we have a lifetime warranty.  He did submit the final payment, redacted the amount and sent it back.

MOTION: approval to hire Valerie Cox of Ellsworth, ME starting at step 4C $11.85 per hour effective October 14, 2016 (Brown/Blasi 3-0, motion passed). Motion amended to October 11

Discussion: Commissioner Brown asked what experience she has. Walls reported she has many years in housekeeping. Commissioner Brown said maintenance people do such a good job. He said this place is always clean, always taken care of. He said I really don’t think we pay those people enough money- it’s time we moved those people up. Commissioner Joy said see what effect this would have on the 2017 budget.

Unorganized Territory:

Commissioner Brown said he understands the internet is all hooked up in township 8- Supervisor Millard Billings said people seem to be happy with it. Billings reported that Hancock Wind is doing great. He said the construction is nearing completion. They should be online this fall. There are 17 in total, and they’re all up. Commissioner Joy asked if he would take a trip up in maybe November. Commissioner Brown said he would like Millard and Scott to get together for a press release on the internet service for Township 8 - that was a great benefit and use of TIF funds. Commissioner Blasi referenced where the county has not been interested in signing agreements with providers that pay an annual stipend- and asked about the history on that. He said he would like to revisit that. Billings said he didn’t think you can do that for one town. We have contracts with 8 different fire departments- you can’t do for one and no for all. Commissioner Blasi asked if there was any way of phasing it in. Commissioner Brown said it’s still going to be $60,000. Commissioner Brown said this also opens up liability issues for the County. Not a good idea, especially if they want to dictate what’s going to be done.

He said Millard has it now so the contract covers UTs. Commissioner Joy said we’re going to be sitting on some TIF revenue funds and we need to think about what we’ll do with that. Billings said at some point we need to prioritize what the projects are. Commissioner Joy suggested we have a workshop on where we’re going to go with this, and we should begin that process.

County Administrator:

BAC meetings- Commissioners said they may not be able to attend tomorrow.

CA Adkins reported on the 2015 County audit, that we will meet with Parker Madden Wednesday Oct 12 at 4 pm to discuss the audit.

He reported that the Woolsey tax abatement appeal hearing was sent back to the town.

CA Adkins expressed thanks to Rosemary Kulow and Lauren Haven regarding the Convention held the previous weekend. Commissioner Blasi expressed that the educational sessions were excellent, and he learned more than he thought he would, particularly the local food and GIS sessions. He referenced the stepping up initiative, he said in his mind it’s another part of the overall opioid intervention type initiatives that Hancock County Commissioners have discussed. Commissioner Blasi referenced a resolution that the Commissioners could adopt to keep this moving forward, and if CA Adkins would talk to Sheriff Kane about getting the resolution on the agenda.  Commissioner Joy reiterated that the Convention was done well. Commissioner Blasi expressed that he would like to see continued membership in NACo and suggested CA Adkins look into the grants they provide. Commissioner Joy said we have CBF we can use for almost anything- if there were matching funds that would double the impact. Commissioner Blasi made reference to GIS assisting the Commissioners in planning and using TIF funds. Commissioner Joy said in the past we provided the initial funding and the towns could take it to a higher resolution. 

CA Adkins said the Reparations board asked to meet in the Commissioner room. Commissioner Brown said he is usually opposed to allowing people to use the room because of what is on the Commissioners’ desks. Commissioner Blasi said he would be there and he would monitor that. Commissioner Joy said the rule is no food, and leave it as you find it. It was stated that at some point offenders will be brought in- Commissioner Brown said he would oppose that. Perhaps they could use the drug court. It was decided that the initial meeting on the 20th can be here in the County Commissioners room, and then make other arrangements.

CA Adkins reported there was a wish to have a silent auction benefit set up downstairs. Adkins said he doesn’t think it’s a good idea- Commissioner Brown said he didn’t see where they could have it where it wouldn’t interfere. Commissioner Joy said he was not opposed if they could find a space that worked, but not sure if we can. CA Adkins said that it’s not a good precedent to set.

Ellsworth and RCC: Commissioner Blasi questioned that fact that they’re hiring a full-timer, does that have any impact on their original intent and what we discussed. CA Adkins said he didn’t think so, they are still interested. Adkins said these things take a year or two to develop and complete.

Commissioner Joy called a break at this point. (Administrator report is continued after Airport)


Manger Brad Madeira said he was concerned for the first time this year that we might not make enplanement numbers. He emailed the air carriers to see if they could help. The initial response from Cape Air was they can’t do it. Madeira is not sure there’s much we can do now. In the past the County has bought tickets, but that’s not affordable with this number. He said we still need to make fundamental change with carrier for next year. Our numbers are on par with where they were last year. Madeira said he encourage them to extend their season now that they are getting some subsidy. Commissioner Joy questioned whether there are even enough seats, and wouldn’t they have to add a flight. Madeira said he will keep the Commissioners posted on this.

Madeira said we didn’t make it this year or the year before, but there was a law change this summer, with a provision to allow relief for small airport to receive funding.

Cash Management report:

Madeira reported that the airport has created a surplus in the last 2 months of over $80,102. Commissioner Blasi questioned if this would extend. Madeira said some revenues are bumped up in the summer, but fall back in the winter. Commissioner Joy asked what comprised the 80,000. Madeira said he didn’t generate a report detailing that, he thought it was probably due to fuel flowage fees and enplanement fees- those spike in the summer. Commissioner Blasi asked if car rentals changed. Madeira said he does track those, but that he doesn’t have that report.

MOTION: to approve and sign the Land Lease Agreement between Hancock County and Lloyd Harmon (Blasi, Brown 3-0, motion passed).

Discussion: Lease renewal for a private hangar. This is consistent with most recent hangar lease.

MOTION: to authorize the Airport Manager to execute the application for a minor amendment to the Airport Site Location of Development Act permit (SLODA) in connection with the private hangar construction for Davor Sklizovic (Joy, Blasi, motion withdrawn). Discussion: Madeira said permit requirements have increased over the last several years. Included in lease was an impact fee. MDEP changed their rules and now they have further requirements with storm water design and management. In the interest of time, would the board authorize Madeira to sign the application?  Construction cannot be allowed until the process is complete. There is a cost- see next item.

Chairman Joy will be available to sign the agreement tomorrow, so Joy withdraws the motion and Blasi withdraws the second.

MOTION: to authorize a handwritten check to be issued to Maine DEP for $1,379 from account G-2-3020-10 provided the tenant agrees to reimburse the County with the previously referenced SLODA permit (Brown, Joy 3-0, motion passed).

Discussion: Madeira said the County can absorb the fee, or pass it off to the hangar tenant. In light of the costs already paid by the tenant, Madeira would recommend that the airport absorb the cost. Commissioner Joy expressed that going forward the tenant should be responsible for all fees. It’s the cost of doing business. He said that what Madeira gave the tenant was the right information on that day. Commissioner Brown asked if the State issue the decree regarding the storm water treatment gave any break on the cost. How are we (the airport) expected to absorb this? Commissioner Brown said we wouldn’t have charged him for it if we hadn’t been charged for it. Commissioner Joy suggested Madeira back to the tenant, and say we’re willing to help, but you pay for it. Madeira asked if the board would authorize a written check to go along with the permit to MDEP tomorrow, with the understanding that the tenant will pay us back. Commissioner Joy thought the tenant would be responsible for the fee. Commissioner Blasi said he would split the difference with him, because of the lack of language in the contract. Madeira suggested that this can be revisited, but can the board agree to issue the check?

At this point the Rhyne Tax abatement began- Chairman Joy swore in the new party, Jane Fowler, representing Lamoine.  As this is a continuation from the September CRM, the other attendees were already sworn in. Session is recorded.

Back to Airport after the tax abatement hearing held at 1 pm:

Discussion on a new hangar development: There was some discussion on electricity development and who that is charged to- the County or the tenant. Commissioner Joy expressed that the County should not pay for any of it. The cost of the infrastructure and permitting is a cost of doing business, and they make business decisions because of it. Commissioner Blasi said he agreed. Madeira asked considering the board decided to issue a bid to lease with the last hangar, does that obligate the County to continue that with future hangars, he recognized that the last hangar did have differences that necessitated that process. Madeira said going forward the terms should be the tenant will have to reimburse the county for permitting costs.

 Commissioner Joy suggested that Madeira put some information out informally; see if anyone is interested in bidding on hangar space- on the website or in an email. If there’s one interested party, move forward, if not, then do a bid to lease.

MOTION: to enter into Executive Session under MRSA Title 1 §405 6(a), to discuss a personnel matter. (Brown, Joy 3-0, motion passed)

Commissioner Joy called the meeting back to regular session with nothing to report.

MOTION: Pay to Deputy EMA Director $47,476 with funds that EMA Director arranges, and if the federal law is repealed, we would reassess this- there is no additional cost to local tax payers, and no overtime. (Brown, Joy) 3-0 motion passed.

Commissioners Brown and Joy expressed that there would be no additional cost to the taxpayers and Commissioner Joy reiterated that there would be no overtime.

MOTION: to enter into Executive Session under MRSA Title 1 §405 6(d), to discuss labor negotiations. (Brown, Blasi 3-0, motion passed)  

Commissioner Joy brought the meeting back to regular session with nothing to report.

MOTION: to adjourn (brown, blasi 3-0, motion passed) at 4:21 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Rebekah Knowlton
Executive Asst. to the County Administrator

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