July 9 Commissioner Inspection Tour Meeting

All Commissioners, County Administrator, and UT Supervisors (insert names) left the courthouse @ 0810 AM after obtaining Delorme Atlas Quadrants copies from pages 31-35. The purpose of the tour was to view the current projects contemplated for upgrade located on Myra Rd., and at Nicatous Lake parking lot. 

The party travelled north on US 1A, took Mann Hill Rd. then North along Rt. 178 to Milford where it turned East on County Rd. This was approximately 1 hr. duration.

Then across Sunkhaze stream to Stud Mill Rd.  Then East into Township 32 to North on Myra Rd, stopping @ Jackson Cemetery for a break. Discussed the project scope and impediments, such as stumpage payments because of questionable road widths.  The bid cycle will need to be extended to provide time to research in HC recorded manuscripts, and into the old metal box drawer files to clarify rod width. We will begin alphabetizing the Road Contracts files with the long-range goal of posting these old manuscripts online.  Legal assistance will be needed. Myra Rd. provides county property owners access from the Stud Mill Rd. We proceeded onto Greenfield Rd then onto Spring Brook onto Goulds Ridge Rd., which we traveled through Passadumkeag, across the Passadumkeag Stream which issues from Passadumkeag Mountain (as does the Union River) North into Enfield. They followed Caribou Rd. then north on State 188 into Howland, Lowell, then Burlington. [A quicker route would proceed N on I 95 to Howland, then onto Rt 188.]

We viewed Saponic Lake then drove into Grand Falls Township.  We took a break at the Burlington sand shed, where we pay to store sand for maintaining Nicatous Rd in collaboration with the Penobscot County Commissioners.  We continued on Main Rd. across the Grand Falls Bridge and across the Hancock County Line onto Nicatous Rd. The road is constructed with excellent gravel from the Prentice and Carlisle mine on Morrison Ridge Rd. Nicatous road is an accomplishment (due to cooperation with the Penobscot County Commissioners) that the recently-acquired tractor and attachments will be able to maintain during the dry season. The Nicatous parking lot expansion plan drawing was observed in relation to the ground area itselt.

We admired 8-mile-long Nicatous Lake, which was central to Indigenous culture as the Union, Narraguagus, Machias, and St. Croix waterways issue either directly or by portage out of it.

On the return, the tour took Morrison Ridge Rd. South through township 40 to East Side Rd, then South on Haycock Pond Rd. Across Stud Mill Rd and onto Bracy Pond Rd in Township 32, along the 4500 Rd. to State Highway 9 then South on State Rt. 179 to the County Seat @ approximately 1420.

Respectfully Submitted,

Antonio Blasi, Chairman 

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