The regular meeting of the Hancock County Commissioners was brought to order by Commissioner Clark at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday April 21, 2020. The Commissioners attended remotely via Zoom.  County Administrator Scott Adkins and Deputy County Administrator Rebekah Knowlton were also in attendance, as well as several Department Heads.  The meeting was made available to the public through a Zoom meeting link located on the Hancock County EMA Facebook page.

Adjustments to / approval of agenda: none

MOTION: Approve the minutes of the April 7, 2020 Commissioners’ Regular Meeting (Wombacher/Clark 3-0, motion passed)


An existing culvert near the end of runway 22 is in need of repair.  The commission reviewed three estimates, as follows:

KJ Dugas Construction, Inc.  $7,200

Harold MacQuinn, Inc. $5,600

Jay A. Fowler & Son, Inc. $6,090

All bids include materials.  Airport Maintenance Director Richard Gray and Airport Manager Leroy Muise agreed that all bids met the requirements.

MOTION: accept the bid from MacQuinn’s in the amount of $5,600.00 (Clark/Wombacher 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: authorize the Chair to sign the Jacob’s Engineering contract with regards to the AIP project AIP XX / Terminal Building Restrooms & Septic Upgrades (Clark/Wombacher 3-0, motion passed)

The commissioners agreed that a pre-bid conference call would be an acceptable process to use as opposed to an onsite visit, in light of the coronavirus distancing precautions.  If vendors wish to be onsite, they can contact the Airport Manager to arrange that.

The commissioners discussed the bid opening process.  Commissioner Clark said he wanted to be sure bids are opened in a public meeting, and he agreed to come to the courthouse to open bids during a live Zoom meeting.  Commissioners Wombacher and Blasi agreed that this is acceptable.


MOTION: enter Executive Session under MRSA Title 1§405 6(A) to discuss a disciplinary matter (Wombacher/Clark 3-0, motion passed)

There was some discussion on whether the Union will allow the Chief Deputy and Sheriff to participate in the Teamsters Legal Defense Fund.  It is included in the contract that the County will contribute, on behalf of each qualified bargaining unit member, along with the Sheriff & Chief Deputy, the cost to participate in the Teamsters Legal Defense Fund.  Commissioner Clark said that if Teamsters will not cover them, the Sheriff and Chief Deputy will have to come back to the commission for that coverage elsewhere.

The commission agreed to approve the Hancock County Commissioners & Teamsters Local 340:  2020 – 2022 / SO Contract and hold the union to all conditions of the contract.

MOTION: approve the 3 year contract with the Sheriff’s Department unit and Teamsters (Clark/Wombacher 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: to adjourn 9:43 a.m. (Wombacher/Blasi 3-0, motion passed)

Respectfully submitted,

Rebekah Knowlton,

Deputy County Administrator

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