The regular meeting of the Hancock County Commissioners was brought to order by Commissioner Clark at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday August 4, 2020.    County Administrator Scott Adkins and Deputy County Administrator Rebekah Knowlton were also in attendance, as well as several Department Heads.  The meeting link was made available to the public on the Hancock County website; 7 members of the public attended.

Adjustments to / approval of agenda: none

Public Comment: none

Meeting Minutes:

MOTION: Approve the minutes of the July 21, 2020 Commissioners’ Special Meeting (Wombacher/Blasi 3-0, motion passed)

Dave Fowler- Three Rivers Solar Project

Dave Fowler, developer for Three Rivers Solar, updated the Commission on the status of the project.  The 100 megawatt project located on Dwayne Jordan’s property has received DEP approval; all land approvals are now in place.  They have received a 10 year power purchase agreement with Versant Maine. A separate substation will be built to tie in.  The solar farm will be roughly 500 acres, with no wetland impact other than one vernal pool that they are avoiding.  There was some discussion on the process of developing a TIF agreement.  Three Rivers Solar will cover costs of an attorney representing the County with a fee reimbursement agreement and will draft documents for Hancock County. 

MOTION: Retain legal counsel for County TIF agreement with Swift Current Energy (Blasi/ Wombacher 3-0, motion passed)


Monthly report- the airport reached 10,000 enplanements for 2019; this provides for extra AIP money for 2021. 

MOTION: Accept the resignation of Jill Constantine, effective July 31, 2020 (Wombacher/Clark 3-0, motion passed)

RFQ Airport Planning and Engineering consultant-

The advisory committee met and the recommendation is to stay with Jacob’s Engineering; this requires the Commission’s approval.

MOTION: engage Jacob’s Engineering as the engineering services firm for Hancock County Bar Harbor Airport for a period of 5 years (Blasi/Wombacher 3-0, motion passed)

NorthEast paving couldn’t get here within the time frame required by the FAA for the Apron project.  Airport Manager Muise contacted the FAA and received an extension through the end of September.

MOTION: approve the expenditure from account G2-3010-80 in the amount of $1,195.00 for office equipment (Wombacher/Clark 3-0, motion passed)

This is a direct expense from the G account.


Sheriff Kane requested that the part time wage for deputies be in line with step 12A of the wage scale. 

MOTION: amend the PT wage policy for PT deputies who have reserve officer certification so that they are compensated at step 12A of the SO Union wage scale (Clark/Blasi 3-0, motion passed)

MOTION: Approval to hire Michael Freese of Bradley as part time deputy, effective August 8, 2020 at step 12A (Wombacher/Blasi 3-0, motion passed)

Permission to go out to bid for a civil vehicle-  

Sheriff Kane said the current vehicle’s mileage is approaching 90,000 miles and he wants to trade before it reaches 100,000.  Knowing there is a vehicle shortage, Sheriff Kane contacted Darlings about available vehicles and received a quote of $18,989 for a 2020 available now.

MOTION: purchase the approve purchase of the pickup in the amount of $18,989 from Darlings Chevrolet (Clark/Blasi 3-0, motion passed)

Update on Open Door-

Sheriff Kane reported that application for re-opening Hills House has been approved with the condition that the Fire Marshall inspect the facility and be sure standards are met. Sheriff Kane said there are 6 or 7 items that need correction.  Once the license is in hand the next step will be to hire a director. 


MOTION:  remove Jeanette Dunham from the county payroll list, effective August 4, 2020 (Blasi/Wombacher 3-0, motion passed)


Facilities Director Walls submitted his monthly report.  Allen Farm Fence did not bid on the old jail fencing because they felt it involved work outside of their scope. 

Break 10:05 am – 10:15 am


RCC Director Robert Conary submitted his monthly report.  The consoles have been placed in the newly expanded RCC.  Final totals should be available by the end of August.


MOTION: approve the warrant memo for the month of July as presented by the Treasurer (Blasi/Wombacher 3-0, motion passed)

The Treasurer’s memo listed the following:

July GF, Airport, and Jail Payroll Warrants #20-26, #20-27, #20-28, #20-29, and #20-30 in the aggregate amount of $493,983.88;

July GF, Airport, and Jail Expense Warrants #20-37, #20-38, #20-39, #20-40, #20-41, and #20-42 in the aggregate amount of $864,834.13;  

July UT Payroll Warrants #20-52, #21-1, #21-2-, #21-3, and #21-4 in the aggregate of $1,372.55;

July UT Expense Warrants #20-24, #21-1, #20-25 and #21-2 in the aggregate of $81,299.99

Treasurer Boucher said available money is holding well and taxes are starting to trickle in.


MOTION: approve Fire Protection Emergency Response Service Agreement with Municipality of Ellsworth as presented (Blasi/Wombacher 3-0, motion passed)


The Commissioners agreed that any activity regarding employees that could be connected to exposure to Coronavirus should be communicated to HR.  This will allow for the best and most informed response to the circumstances.

MOTION: until rescinded, each Department shall report by the quickest means of communication to our Human Resource office any situation involving employees that could even be remotely associated with the Coronavirus (Clark/Wombacher 3-0, motion passed)

Deputy CA Knowlton has been in communication with Reach Marketing regarding refreshing the County website.  This will make the website mobile friendly and modernize the appearance.  The cost will be $600.00.  The Commissioners agreed by consensus to move ahead with the refresh.

Next meeting August 18, 2020 8:30 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Rebekah Knowlton

Deputy County Administrator

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