Commission Chairman, Percy L. Brown Jr., called the meeting of the Hancock County Commissioners to order at 5:02 p.m. on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 in the conference room of the county courthouse located in Ellsworth Maine with Commissioners Joy and Blasi in attendance. No adjustments were made to the Agenda. 


Revised budget numbers were distributed for the Jail. Commissioner Blasi asked if the new budget sheet was in Trio (the response was no, the Jail does not have access to the software). Commissioner Joy asked to start with Revenue and questioned the Board of Prisoners dollar amount. Administrator Richardson stated that it is the correct amount, but he is concerned that additional State funds of $81,653 is not a guaranteed. Even with the tax cap increased, CA Conlogue wanted the additional funds included in order to present a balanced budget. Both Commissioners Joy & Brown wanted the amount removed as the funds may not be received. Commissioner Joy asked if the Legislature has approved the Jail bills for the supplemental funds and Sheriff Kane said no. The adjusted Revenue is now at $2,289,880. The Jail currently has four Federal inmates and is not full. 

MOTION: to approve the Jail revenue of $2,289,880 (Joy/Blasi 3-0, motion passed) 

Commissioner Joy questioned why Employee Medical decreased from $578,000 to $375,000 and Administrator Richardson stated, “This is the cap the BOC allowed in the budget based on expenses from two years ago.” The year before (2014) Employee Medical was budgeted at $335,000 therefore approximately 10% was added to that amount. In 2015 Employee Medical was the worst year ever and unfortunately, it is not under Administrator Richardson’s control. Commissioner Blasi asked about the $5,000 jump in Custodial and it is due to Jail employees not having the time to do routine maintenance and repairs. The Courthouse Maintenance Department is performing the work and billing the Jail. Commissioner Brown asked if that practice was going to continue. Commissioner Joy said he thought it would until June 30, 2016 and then stop. The account Custodial should be changed to $3,500. Labor relations is Union negotiation professional fees and should be changed to $1,500. Payroll Services ($500) and Misc. Professional ($4,500) are the fees the Jail pays to the Treasurer’s Office for administration services. The budgeted amounts of $500 and $4,500 are OK to leave as is. Mileage is a new account that has been increased to $1,180 due to Administrator Richardson traveling for meetings within the state.

Concerning the utilities, propane use for the County is split 60/40 between the Jail and courthouse, but Commissioners Joy & Brown think it should be reduced to $30,000.  Training/Education is not a high enough figure but the Jail has learned to live within that amount. On-line training is done as much as possible. 

Commissioner Brown asked for the new bottom figure. We are at $2,352,535 with the 4000 accounts now totaling $411,280. With the new Revenues and the new Expenses, there is a $62,655 difference (shortage) but if there can be other adjustments made to the upcoming budgets (such as Food Service contract and/or Maintenance agreement), there will savings going forward. Commissioner Joy said we should try to figure this out before the end of 2016. 

MOTION: to approve Jail expenditures in the amount of $2,352,535. (Joy/Blasi 3-0, motion passed) 

MOTION: to adjourn at 5:50PM. (Blasi/Joy 3-0, motion passed) 


Pamela J. Linscott
Finance/Admin Clerk

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