Per M.R.S.A. Title 30-A Section 102:

The county commissioners have final authority over the operation of all county offices by elected or appointed county officials, except in circumstances for which a County Personnel Board has been established under subchapter VII, article 2-1 with the powers and duties set forth in that article and in section 501. The county commissioners must act as a board and not on an individual basis in exercising their authority.

Per M.R.S.A. Title 30-A Section 101: Commissioner's duties:

The commissioners of each county shall.

  1. Receipts and expenditures. Examine, allow and settle accounts of the money of the county;
  2. Representation Represent the county;
  3. Manage property and business. Care for its property and manage its business;
  4. Convey real estate. By a recorded order, appoint an agent to convey its real estate;
  5. County ways. Lay out, alter or discontinue ways;
  6. Keep books and accounts. Keep their books and accounts on forms and in a manner approved by the Department of Audit;
    1. 6-A. Adopt ethics policy. In their discretion, the county commissioners may adopt an ethics policy governing the conduct of elected and appointed county officials
  7. Other duties. Perform all other duties required by the law.

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