The County of Hancock obtained the services of Heather Fowler, Wellness Program Coordinator from Maine Coast Memorial Hospital to kick off the Wicked Good Wellness - Healthy By Choice program in 2012.  The program was adopted as a way to provide county employees with access to medical and wellness programs aimed at reducing tobacco usage, promoting healthy nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle choices; all of which lower the cost of the county's self funded health insurance.  Membership programs were established with the Downeast Family YMCA and Cross Fit Acadia.  Physical activity and healthy nutrition was and is still being encouraged for all county employees along with stress reduction education and activities

In 2012 the County of Hancock offered tobacco free education to employees in the form of department head training and distributed brochures promoting smoking cessation helpful hints.  The Maine Tobacco Helpline phone number, 1-800-207-1230 was posted in each department, noting that it is a free service to ANYONE who would like to utilize it.

Printed materials on stress reduction along with on-site massages were available for employees, at their own expense.  An on-site Healthy Lifestyle program was offered, with great success.

In October 2012 the first annual Wellness Fair was held.  The event centered around employee BMI health checks, blood pressure and cholesterol screenings.  Attending vendors included Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, AFLAC, Meritain Health, Downeast Family YMCA, Machias and Bangor Savings Bank and Rose Acre Massage.  Prizes were awarded by the previously mentioned vendors and Hoyle Tanner and Associates and Cape Air.

On January 1, 2013, the County of Hancock campus became a Tobacco Free Campus and the Wicked Good Wellness - Healthy By Choice program helped to minimize the increase in the cost of health insurance for said year.

Future endeavors include: the Healthy Lifestyle program, a couch to 5K program, an after work walking group and weekend walking adventures.

Because we care about you.....

Your Wicked Good Wellness - Healthy By Choice Team

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