• 1937 August in Gouldsboro from Nellie Blance Estate of Charles Noonan and A.B. Whitehouse
  • 1952 September of J. Austin Furfey, Bar Harbor
  • 1956 September in Mt. Desert from heirs of George A. Savage
  • 1957 April of Malcolm Hinckley, Ellsworth
  • 1957 September from Dana E. Maddocks etc. F-043-1(1)
  • 1959 November in Gouldsboro from Beulah Blance
  • 1961 September in Mt. Desert from Chauncy Robbins
  • 1961 April in Surry from John W. Campbell S-0250(2)
  • 1962 November in Dedham, Millstream Falls Fishway
  • 1962 September in Gouldsboro, T#7 SD & Steuben from Susie L. Smith
  • 1963 December in Orland from Annie F. Balisdell
  • 1963 July in Orland from Emily W. & James A. Robinson F-042-1(10)
  • 1964 February in Blue Hill from Florence Cousins etc. S-0250(4)
  • 1965 May in Amherst from Earl W. Campbell S-0281(5)
  • 1965 April in Dedham from Lucerne-Inn F-043-1(7)
  • 1965 November in Ellsworth from Florence Emily Carter
  • 1966 February in Ellsworth from Joseph E. Lapeade
  • 1966 February in Mt. Desert from William H. Grant
  • 1966 July in Mt. Desert from Arnold W. Harkins S-0258(1)
  • 1968 March in Hancock & Franklin from Wendell V. Grant
  • 1968 December in Tremont from Maurice E. Kelley, Sr.

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