Organizations requesting funds from the county must complete a questionnaire in order to provide the county commissioners and budget advisory committee with background information. 

3rd Party Donation Questionnaires for FY 2019 should be returned to the Commissioners’ Office by July 30, 2018.

Click here for application.

 The Hancock County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on LUPC 1-mile adjacency principle petition adoption on Monday June 18, 2018, at 6:00 pm in their meeting room located on the third floor at the Hancock County Courthouse at 50 State Street, across from Ellsworth City Hall.

The July 2018 Commissioners' Regular Meeting will be held  on Monday June 25, 2018

ELLSWORTH — In the wake of yet another school shooting, this one at Santa Fe High School in Texas Friday, parents may be wondering if their children are safe at local schools.

The answer: school officials and law enforcement are doing everything thing they can to make them safe, including equipment, planning and amping up drills.

ELLSWORTH — Back in the day if your house caught on fire you could call for help, give a dispatcher your address and hang up. But now, dispatchers need details from callers, in part so those responding to your emergency know best how to help.

On May 15, the Hancock County Regional Communications Center began a new system for answering fire and other emergency calls.

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