A Project which was begun under the direction of the Hancock County Commissioners and designed to bring Broadband access to Fletchers Landing Township was completed in the summer of 2016. After a lengthy review of providers that could provide the desired services at the most efficient cost, the County Commissioners negotiated and entered into an agreement with Fairpoint Communications to bring broadband service to Fletcher's Landing Township.


This project has expanded broadband service to more than 25 locations in the Fletcher's Landing Township; along Fletcher’s Landing Road, Low Hill Lane, Joshuas Way and Dana’s Ledge. Fairpoint high-speed internet is available for the first time to eligible customers living in the areas described. Residents can now quickly e-mail photos and messages, download music and participate in e-learning & video conferencing.

The Project was made available by the Hancock County Commissioners through the use of the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) of the Bull Hill Wind Project. Monies in that TIF had been designated for broadband access both in the TIF district as well as areas outside of the TIF district, but still in the Unorganized Territories of Hancock County.  Fletcher's Landing Township qualified as an area outside the TIF district, but still in the Unorganized Territories of Hancock County to receive funding for the broadband project.

The Commissioners wish to thank the people of Fletcher's Landing Township for their patience and understanding in the time required to plan, organize and implement such a project and are hopeful that residents are enjoying the service.

 Any questions or concerns may be directed to the Unorganized Territory Supervisor Millard Billings at .




Scott Adkins

County Administrator

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