On Monday, May 14 th , we are anticipating the beginning of the Jail Wall Construction. If you are not familiar with this project, the cement block retaining wall behind the Jail facility is going to be replaced with new solid concrete wall. This is going to require some extensive construction in the area and disrupt normal parking & travel behaviors in the upper entrance for the Jail, DA’s office and parking garage areas.

Currently, the Jail parking lot area will be effected the most, but we are planning on putting up signage for “Jail Employee Parking” only. However, as with any new project, there will be issues that come up and the Commissioners ask for your patience and cooperation during the construction phase. It is probably going to last for most of the summer!!

Also, that entrance by the DA’s office will be used by the construction equipment which will increase the traffic in that area. Again, the Commissioners are asking that you take precautions in that area when entering & exiting.

If you have any issues or concerns, please reach out to me directly as well as Dennis or Dave in facilities. We will address accordingly and in a timely manner. To reiterate, your patience, understanding, cooperation and especially participation in making a safe environment is being requested!!!


Thank you,

Scott A. Adkins, County Administrator

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