Visitation at the Hancock County Jail

Visitation sessions for Hancock County Jail are held Thursday evenings and on Sunday during the afternoon and evening. All visits must be setup in advance. For scheduling visits, the prospective visitor must call 207-667-7588 and select the visitation extension (2) between 0900-1200 on Thursdays for Thursday evening visits and between 0900-1200 on Fridays for Sunday visits.

Visitors should plan to arrive no sooner than 15 minutes before the visit as visitors will not be allowed to loiter on county property. All visitors will be required to show their photo ID to the visitation officer prior to entering the visit area. Inmates must be incarcerated for 72 hours before they are eligible for a visit. Photocopies of photo ID's (for adults) and birth certificates (for juveniles) must be submitted to the inmate by mail for contact visit approval.

Hancock County Jail is attached to the Hancock County Courthouse. Jail parking is located on the right side of the parking area.

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